Review: Burger King’s New Ghost Pepper Whopper


Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper

As you know, Burger King is one of the most interesting Fast Food places you can ever visit as they are always trying to create something new for people to try. And recently, they have just announced that they are bringing back the iconic Ghost Pepper Whopper for this Halloween Season.

Now the Ghost Pepper Whopper was a really popular item first released last year, and it was literally one of the best things they have ever sold.

The Ghost Pepper Whopper had great flavor and great spice. It actually felt really spicy with each bite you take and it made the experience so amazing.

Which is why, when I heard Burger King was bringing back the Ghost Pepper Whopper, you know I have to go do a Food Review on it!

I want to see if this returning Ghost Pepper Whopper tastes just like before, and if it does, I will be excited!

So lets go get ourselves that whopper!

Buying The Ghost Pepper Whopper

I woke up super early at around 8:00am and got myself dressed and ready.

I wanted to be the first person at Burger King ordering the new Ghost Pepper Whopper. Now usually, I would go into the drive-thru to order my food, but for this occasion I wanted to go inside and order.

I drove to my Burger King and it was still really early as they don’t serve lunch until !0:30am, so I had to wait awhile. But the time went by fast as before I knew it, the signs started to change and they were serving lunch. And it was then that I saw the beautiful and amazing picture of the Ghost Pepper Whopper on the menu.

Immediately, I went up to the counter and ordered myself one Ghost Pepper Whopper.

Price point wise, it was actually decently priced as it came out to around $6.99 before tax, which for a burger in these times is actually a pretty good deal.

After placing the order, I had to wait around 15 minutes because for some reason the employee didn’t know how to make the burger so they had to ask around until they found out. But this was okay, as I thought they were probably a new hire.

Eventually, they figured it out and made my burger and handed it to me.

I was gleaming with joy and couldn’t wait any longer!

Let’s get into this review!

What Does The Ghost Pepper Whopper Look Like

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Wrapped

Taking out the Ghost Pepper Whopper from the Burger King bag, you’ll notice that it comes in its usual paper wrap that they use for every one of their whoppers.

Nothing really knew or special about the paper wrap, but that’s okay as we’re here for the burger.

I unwrapped the wrapper and saw in all its glory the beautiful Ghost Pepper Whopper.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper

The bun itself was super orange in color and had black colored sesame seeds.

Not to mention, inside was filled with different ingredients than a normal whopper.

Aside from the orange bun, inside the Ghost Pepper Whopper had Crispy Jalapeno’s, Ghost Pepper Cheese, Spicy Queso, Bacon, and also a Beef Patty. It was a simple concept if you thought about it, but it looked delicious.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Opened Up Both Sides

The Ghost Pepper Whopper itself was also really big and heavy, which makes sense since the Whopper itself normally is pretty big and heavy too.

But with that being said, it was time to eat!

What Does The Ghost Pepper Whopper Taste Like

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Side

I grabbed the Ghost Pepper Whopper and took my first bite.

Immediately, I was hit with that fiery kick and my mouth was dancing around with spice. When they said this burger was going to be spicy, they actually mean it!

Now being from a Fast Food restaurant, they couldn’t actually make it Extremely spicy, but for Burger King standards, this had some great level of heat.

Like, my entire body was starting to warm up and I felt a burning sensation from my tongue which was quite interesting. It was not overpowering but actually quite pleasant.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Bite

The orange colored bun I noticed had a different texture than normal as it was a bit more chewier which was nice. The beef patty itself was tender and seasoned and you could actually feel a smoky sensation coming from it.

But the star of the show was definitely the spicy ingredients.

The Crispy Jalapenos, Ghost Pepper Cheese, and Spicy Queso helped elevate this burger into the clouds. Each of those ingredients helped give it that delicious spice and heat that you were looking for without being overpowering at all.

The cheese was melted perfectly while being spicy and creamy, the queso added onto the spice and had a smooth feeling while the jalapenos gave off a nice crunch.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Bite Opened Up

When you pair all of these items together, it was a sure fire hit!

This was a great burger and one I hope they bring back for a good while.

How Can The Ghost Pepper Whopper Be Improved

Honestly speaking, I think the Ghost Pepper Whopper is perfect as is.

It does not need any types of changing whatsoever as everything about it tasted really good.

From the chewy bun to the delicious and smoky beef patty, and even the ingredients that gave it all that spicy heat, this burger was made with care and love.

I really hope whoever is at Burger King running the promotions would consider making the Ghost Pepper Whopper a permanent menu item as this thing will definitely be a favorite among customers all around the nation.

Other than that, it’s a great burger and one that does not need to be changed.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, Burger King did an amazing job with this Ghost Pepper Whopper.

From the marketing aspect to the pricing and even the creation of this burger in general was a total winner.

In my opinion, this was probably one of the best items if not THE best item that they have released this entire year. It’s probably my favorite version of the whopper as well and I am pretty sure everyone who got to try this agrees with me too.

Overall Rating: 9.4

I need me more Ghost Pepper Whoppers~