Review: Burger King’s New Royal Crispy Wraps


BK Royal Crispy Wrap

Burger King has always been one to create new items to try to entice customers to visit.

And this time around, they are joining in on the Wrap craze that many fast food restaurants are doing by releasing their own kind of wrap. This time being the new BK Royal Crispy Chicken Wraps.

As you know, many fast food locations are creating their own wraps for people to try such as Wendy’s, Jack In The Box, and many more. But Burger King has changed things up by releasing three different varieties of wraps for people to try.

The three varieties of wraps that Burger King offers includes: Classic, Spicy, and Honey Mustard.

And because of that, that sounds absolutely delicious.

So you know we here at Food Senpai have to give it a try.

Buying The Food

Buying the food was pretty simple, although I noticed all the Burger King’s in my area didn’t really have it on the date it was suppose to be released.

From all the information we received, we knew the wraps were suppose to be released on August 14, 2023.

And I know they were actually released on that day because I have seen countless videos of other people trying them in different states.

However, for my city of Houston, the Burger King’s didn’t get the wraps until August 16, 2023. So I had to wait a few days before trying.

But anyways, once the day came I immediately rushed to go get the items.

Each of the wraps were priced at around $2.99 so around $3 you could say, and were made fairly quick.

After placing my order for all 3, it took around 5 minutes before my order was ready.

Now onto the review!

What Does It Look Like

BK Royal Crispy Wrap Wrapped

Looking at the item, you can see the wrap was packaged nicely in a paper wrap and was quite interesting to see.

The wraps were each individually labeled as either a C for Classic, S for Spicy or HM for Honey Mustard.

And upon opening up the wrap, I noticed that the filling wasn’t a lot.

In fact, it was a very simple item being just lettuce, tomato, and half a piece of chicken filet that was fried. This honestly made me think they just took a piece of their crispy chicken sandwich and cut it up and stuffed it in the wrap.

Alongside that, depending on what wrap you got, you got different sauces which they actually sauced up pretty generously.

BK Royal Crispy Wrap

For the Classic it was the Royal Sauce, Spicy was the Royal Sauce and Spicy Sauce, and Honey Mustard was obviously the Honey Mustard Sauce.

Appearance wise, it just looked okay but nothing really too special.

But hopefully the taste is better.

What Did It Taste Like

First wrap that I tried was the Classic Wrap, and honestly it was better than I imagined.

The wrap itself was soft and warm, while the inside had a good flavor and texture that was delicious.

Chicken itself even though it was half a regular crispy chicken patty, was tender and juicy, while lettuce and tomatoes were fresh.

BK Royal Crispy Wrap Topside

But the key thing here was the sauce, and this one had royal sauce.

I honestly don’t know what royal sauce is, but in my opinion it tasted kind like a mayonnaise mixed with some ranch dressing. It was good, gave the wrap a cooling sensation with a thick creamy bite.

Overall the Classic was pretty decent.

Next up, I tried the Spicy.

This was pretty much the same as the classic as it had all the same ingredients, but it also had spicy sauce glazed all over the chicken.

That spicy sauce was not really spicy in my opinion.

I got a tiny little tickle on my tongue and that was it. Not much heat or spice coming out of the sauce. It mostly tasted like the Classic wrap because the royal sauce was pretty dominant.

BK Royal Crispy Wrap Opened

After that, I tried the Honey Mustard.

And this honestly was my favorite.

That honey mustard sauce gave each bite a sweet sensation that paired really well with the bit of horseradish type of kick it has. A bit of a tingle here and some sweetness here, it was great.

I think the Honey Mustard Wrap was my favorite out of all three.

How Can It Be Improved

The wraps in general are pretty decent, but there could be a few changes I would want to see to make it a bit better.

For instance, they could add a slice of cheese to the wrap since that would give it a lot more flavor.

Also, instead of cutting a crispy chicken patty in half, they could have just used chicken tenders which would have done the job just as well if not better. Because lets face it, cutting a chicken patty in half kind of gave it a weird width, so sometimes the wraps can’t close properly because the chicken is too fat.

And the most important part I wish they could change was the price.

Being priced at $2.99 or $3 dollars was honestly a bit expensive.

If this was $1.99 or $2 dollars, it would be a home run.

But other than that, nothing else really needs to be changed.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, the wraps were pretty decent for what they offered.

It was simple in nature, and had good flavors, especially that Honey Mustard.

Now if Burger King ever decided to make the wraps cheaper, I would totally be back time and time again to try them out.

But honestly, I’m just glad they are making wraps.

Ever since McDonalds stopped selling snack wraps, I was so sad and I always wanted them to come back. So for Burger King to release this, it really did make me happy.

Either way, I would definitely recommend you try out Burger King’s new Royal Crispy Wraps. They taste good, and have 3 different varieties for you to choose from.

Overall Rating: 8.5

Have a wonderful day~