Review: Chick-Fil-A’s New Caramel Crumble Milkshake


Chick-Fil-A Caramel Crumble Shake

So Chick-Fil-A has just released their newest shake being the Caramel Crumble Milkshake.

Now from what I heard, they actually tested this shake awhile back in a few cities under a different name and it was a smashing success.

So they decided to bring this out to the masses to try.

I personally always found Chick-Fil-A’s shakes a bit too sweet, but they always did taste good.

So hopefully this new one tastes just as good as the rest.

Lets give it a try!

Buying The Food

Now buying the shake was fairly simple.

All I did was drove my car into the Drive-Thru and placed the order for the Caramel Crumble Milkshake and was able to order it.

However I noticed, my Chick-Fil-A didn’t have any signs or anything advertising the new shake which was odd since I always saw them advertising new items.

It confused me at first, so I asked thinking maybe it wasn’t released yet, but sure enough it was out.

Anyways, for 1 Caramel Crumble Milkshake, it was around $4.79, which was a decent price for a shake in my opinion.

From placing the order to receiving the shake, it only took around 3 to 4 minutes which was pretty fast.

Now that I got my shake, it’s time to do the review!

What Does It Look Like

Chick-Fil-A Caramel Crumble Shake

When I got my shake, I noticed it was the same appearance as many other shakes.

It came in the standard Styrofoam Cup, which I absolutely hated.

Personally, I have no idea why they can’t give us a plastic clear cup which makes holding it much easier since the Styrofoam Cup is easy to break.

But anyways, as for the looks, you can’t really see much since the Styrofoam Cup was all white and covered the entirety of the shake.

The only thing you could see was the cherry and whipped cream at the top.

That was it.

So because of that, it didn’t really look anything interesting.

But hopefully the taste makes up for it.

Lets give it a try!

What Did It Taste Like

Chick-Fil-A Caramel Crumble Shake Top

Once I took a few sips of the new Caramel Crumble Shake, I was immediately blown away.

This was a really delicious shake, probably one of the better ones that they released.

Better than the peppermint, better than the peach, this was honestly very good.

To be honest, it literally reminded me of the butter beer drink you could get at Universal Studios. For those who have been, you know what I’m talking about, which is the super popular drink you can get at Harry Potter World.

It literally had the identical taste and flavor.

The drink itself had a strong caramel taste. Like you could instantly tell that caramel flavor was deep, and sweet. But after a few seconds, I noticed it started to taste a bit like butterscotch too which was interesting.

The flavors, lingered on your tongue for quite a while giving you a soothing sensation.

The drink was also very creamy and buttery in feel, and it went down really nicely. Plus, being as how it’s a cold drink made it a hundred times better.

Chick-Fil-A Caramel Crumble Shake

But what makes this drink different from the others is that this Caramel Crumble Milkshake actually had crunchy bits inside the drink that you can slurp up. I’m not sure what the crunchy bits were, but it tasted like crunchy caramel which was interesting.

It was very tasty.

But I will say, just like their other shakes, this shake is also very sweet.

Like if I had to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10 for sweetness, it would get a solid 9. This thing was SWEET SWEET.

But flavor was great.

How Can It Be Improved

Honestly, the new Caramel Crumble Milkshake is already really good.

There’s hardly anything I could think of to be changed or anything.

Except for one thing.

And that is the sweetness.

If they toned down the sweetness a bit, I think it will be a lot better. Because for me, I don’t like drinking super sweet drinks. It’s not good for you and also it hurts your teeth after awhile.

They don’t even need to tone it down a lot, just a tiny bit will do.

But other than that, the drink itself was really good and not much else needs to be changed.

Overall Thoughts

With that being said, the new Caramel Crumble Milkshake was absolutely a winner.

If you have a Chick-Fil-A near you, I highly recommend you try this milkshake out as it’s only going to be here for a limited time.

It’s super sweet, but if you love milkshakes or butterbeer (if you been to Universal), you should definitely give it a try.

It’s not too expensive and delivers a world of flavor.

Overall Rating: 9.0

Even though it’s sweet, I will be back again for it as it is just that good~