Review: Jack In The Box’s New Angry Monster Tacos


Jack In The Box Angry Monster Tacos

So Jack In The Box has just announced that they are debuting the new Angry Monster Tacos for people to try.

Now, I don’t know about you, but Jack In The Box tacos were never my favorite to have.

The only time they were actually good was when you were drunk or hungover late at night and having the crave for something greasy and oily, these tacos would definitely hit the spot.

But seeing them release this Angry Monster Tacos, which are basically a much larger version of their current tacos but in a spicy form, I was definitely intrigued.

I had their regular tacos before, but I never had their Monster Tacos, so this was something I wanted to try.

So with that being said, lets go get the food.

Buying The Food

I drove to my nearest Jack In The Box location and saw that there was a good amount of people in the drive-thru line.

When it was my turn to order, I noticed that they were having a deal where you can get 2 Angry Monster Tacos for the price of $3, which in my opinion was incredibly good.

So I told the person asking that I wanted 2 Angry Monster Tacos.

After that, it was only a few minutes wait before it was my turn to pay, and the total price for the 2 Angry Monster Tacos came to around $3.25, which was a great deal considering many places serve tacos at much more pricier price points.

When I grabbed my bag, I noticed that it was pretty heavy, which got me thinking hmm…these tacos must be either huge or they must be loaded with a bunch of things.

Either way, I was excited to try, so lets get into this review!

What Does It Look Like

Jack In The Box Angry Monster Tacos Packaged

Taking the tacos out of the Jack In The Box bag, I noticed it came packaged in a paper bag with some cool Halloween designs which I liked.

I took the Angry Monster Taco out of the bag and was immediately surprised.

The Angry Monster Taco was actually pretty big in size. Not to mention it was loaded with a bunch of ingredients that filled it to the brim.

Although not too much of a fan of the red coloring of the shell as it was super bright red, which probably meant they used Red 40 or something similar, but it was incredibly vibrant.

Jack In The Box Angry Monster Tacos

Other than that, the Angry Monster Taco was made with a corn tortilla shell that was supposedly spicy as well. Inside was a bunch of lettuce, slice of American Cheese which was not melted, and some type of hybrid blend protein of chicken, beef and soy.

They also topped it off with Taco Sauce, which was pretty cool.

It honestly looked good, however, on both sides of the Taco Shell there is a huge grease pocket or oil pocket which did not look good.

But you know what they say, never judge a book by its cover.

So hopefully it tastes good.

What Did It Taste Like

Jack In The Box Angry Monster Tacos Peaking

I grabbed the taco and took a bite out of it from one end.

And to be honest, nothing really stood out to me.

The first thing I noticed was that the tortilla itself had a strong corn flavor which was good, it was crispy and crunchy and held the items well.

However, I noticed there was almost no spice whatsoever.

Being an Angry Monster Taco and being advertised as spicy, this was not spicy at all. In fact, it just feels like a regular taco that Jack in the Box serves on a day to day basis.

The ingredients were okay, and they tasted decent.

Jack In The Box Angry Monster Tacos Bite

Lettuce itself has a nice crisp and was vibrantly green, cheese itself could use some work. I wish the cheese was melted properly, but its whatever, it did its job by giving a nice mild flavor. The protein didn’t really have much texture at all, it kind of felt like a pile of mush.

Plus, that big pocket of grease in the center of the Taco didn’t help much either as each bite I took, it just feels really oily.

The Taco Sauce at least tasted nice as it was a bit mild and had a seasonings of different spices going on.

But honestly speaking, if I was drunk or hungover, I can definitely see this being an item that I would want to eat.

Jack In The Box Angry Monster Tacos Oil

I’m just let down by how it’s not spicy.

Because lets face it, if this Monster Taco was spicy, it would definitely be a great item considering the price point and how big this taco actually is.

But other than that, it’s just an ordinary taco that lacks spice.

How Can It Be Improved

Being called an Angry Monster Taco, I want the taco itself to actually be spicy.

As it is right now, there is almost no spice at all. In fact, when you’re eating it, you don’t notice no spicy feel, no burning sensation, no heat whatsoever.

It just feels like a regular Monster Taco with no spice.

If Jack In The Box ever reads this, I would hope they improve on their Angry Monster Taco by making it a lot more spicier. Because when people buy this taco, they are expecting that raging heat, they are expecting to be angry from all the spice.

But this is not an Angry Monster Taco.

So if it was more spicier, it will definitely be better.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, the Angry Monster Taco is just an ordinary taco that you can probably get any other day at Jack In The Box. There is nothing special about it.

However, for the price point, you can’t really beat it.

Literally you can get 2 Angry Monster Tacos for the price of $3 before tax, that is a great deal in this economy.

After all, many other Fast Food places are charging an arm and a leg for food, Jack In The Box still has this option where you can get some tacos at a cheap and affordable price.

Overall Rating: 7.2

It’s not something I would get again, but if they make it spicier, then I might just be back.