Review: KFC’s New Funnel Cake Fries


KFC Funnel Cake Fries

So KFC has just released their new Funnel Cake Fries for people to try, and I am excited!

Ever since I was a kid, I always loved going to the State Fairs because of all the delicious foods that you can try. One of the foods being Funnel Cakes!

I just love how Funnel Cakes come in all different varieties and sizes.

With my favorite being Strawberry topped Funnel Cakes as those are delicious.

So seeing KFC come out with some fries that are made out of Funnel Cakes definitely caught my attention.

Now from what I read, they been testing these out in certain areas across the nation and I’m still not sure if they are out for a nationwide roll out or if my city is just one of the test spots.

Either way, I saw that they had them on the menu so you know I had to get it!

Buying The Food

So I originally came to KFC to make a food review video on their new Hot and Spicy Wings, but as I was in the drive-thru lane, I saw that they had a huge banner promoting that they had Funnel Cake Fries for sale.

I was immediately ecstatic as I did not know they came out yet.

I immediately placed my order for some Funnel Cake Fries, and to my surprise they actually had different sizes too. You can get a small or a large size and I got the small version as I didn’t know how good it was going to be yet.

I drove to the window and for a small size Funnel Cake Fries, it came out to around $2.29 which seemed pretty affordable if you were to ask me.

Not yet knowing how much they give you or how big it is, I’m just hoping it lives up to the hype.

After waiting like 2 minutes, they gave me a bag with my Funnel Cake Fries and I was ready to devour.

Lets get into this review!

What Does It Look Like

KFC Funnel Cake Fries Box

Upon taking it out of the KFC Bag, I noticed the Funnel Cake Fries were placed inside of a large container box.

But even without opening it, you could instantly smell the delicious sweet scent that was coming out of the cracks of the box.

And after opening up the lid, I was met with a surprise.

KFC Funnel Cake Fries

The Funnel Cake Fries looked amazing!

They looked exactly like a fry but made out of Funnel Cake.

Some fries were long, some were short, and they had a decent amount of powdered sugar sprinkled all over them which I’m assuming gave off that sweet scent earlier.

Surprisingly enough, the small size version of the Funnel Cake Fries was actually quite big in size. This was a good portion and for only paying around $2.29, I think I got my moneys worth.

Anyways, lets eat!

What Did It Taste Like

KFC Funnel Cake Fries Closeup

I grabbed a Funnel Cake Fry and I could feel that literally just made this.

It seemed super fresh and the fries themselves were still warm to hot in heat.

I took a few bites and was literally in Heaven.

The Funnel Cake Fries tasted exactly like the ones you would get at any State Fair. They had a great crisp on the outside, while inside still had a cake like texture that was soft and spongey. Plus, what I loved most was that the fries was not oily at all.

They were really clean in nature and done really well.

KFC Funnel Cake Fries Closeup Side

Plus, the powdered sugar gave off a nice sweetness that was subtle and light and complimented the fries really nicely.

However, after taking a few bites of enjoyment, I noticed that I kind of longed for more flavor.

By this, I mean like I was really hoping they paired the fries with some type of sauce. Maybe Strawberry Jam or Blueberry or something like that. Just the addition of a fruity and sweet sensation can definitely make this Funnel Cake Fries taste so much better.

But seeing as how they didn’t really provide any sauce or fruit type of essence to it, it felt kind of incomplete.

KFC Funnel Cake Fries Closeup bite

Don’t get me wrong though as the Funnel Cake Fries were still really good.

I just wish they went the extra mile and gave us that complete flavor combination that we all want.

How Can It Be Improved

Honestly, the Funnel Cake Fries from KFC are really tasty and they were made right.

They tasted exactly like the Funnel Cakes you can get at any State Fair.

However, just like any State Fair or any location you visit that sells these items, they usually always have a variety where you can top it with fruits or sauce for that extra flavor.

That’s what I want to see KFC do.

Maybe if KFC provided some Strawberry Sauce or Jam or even any other type of fruit flavors, it would probably be way better.

But either way, they are pretty good for what they are so far.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you love Funnel Cakes, then I definitely suggest you visit KFC and try out their new KFC Funnel Cake Fries.

They have the same great taste as a normal Funnel Cake, but in a fry type of form.

Plus, they are really cheap and affordable too.

At a cost of around $2.29 for a small size, that is a pretty good deal.

Overall Rating: 8.2

Definitely give it a try as I think it’ll be an item many of you all will enjoy.