Review: KFC’s New Hot & Spicy Wings


KFC Hot & Spicy Wings 2

So KFC has just announced they are bringing out their new variety of wings being the new Hot & Spicy Wings for people to try.

And me being a Fried Chicken lover, you know I just had to try.

Not only that, but KFC is one of those fast food restaurants that always seems to make really good food. And I know this one is going to be just as good as their other products.

After all, their original Fried Chicken especially the wings were really good.

Even though, they didn’t have the spicy flavored ones on the menu, the non-spicy was equally as good. So juicy and wet with a good crispy crunch, it was heavenly.

So seeing a Hot & Spicy Wing on the menu definitely piqued my interest.

With that being said, lets get to the food!

Buying The Food

I woke up super early to get this new item.

I wanted to be sure I was customer number one in line so that I can get the freshest batch possible.

And sure enough, once that clock hit lunch time, I was in the drive-thru being the first one in line ordering these wings.

Surprisingly enough, these wings are super cheap and affordable which surprised me because normally fast food has been so expensive lately, but these wings were honestly very cheap.

At my city and location, my KFC was selling 8 pieces of Hot & Spicy Wings for only $4.99.

That is super cheap for what you’re getting!

Now obviously after tax, the price point might be different for all of you by only a bit, but it’s still really cheap considering you’re getting 8 pieces of wings!

After ordering my wings, it took literally like 5 minutes before they gave me my package of foods, and it smelled glorious.

Now lets get on to the review!

What Does It Look Like

KFC Hot & Spicy Wings Box

After opening the box, I was immediately hit with a wave of Chickenlicious goodness as it smelled so delicious.

You can smell the spicy aroma from the chicken as well as the beautiful fried crispy sensations flowing in the air.

The wings themselves looked really good too!

KFC Hot & Spicy Wings

Although they were small in size, they looked perfectly fried.

Each area of the chicken had a beautiful crust that was crispy and there was streaks of red colors flowing around the chicken which I would assume would be the spicy marinade that they used.

Anyways, with that being said lets start eating!

What Did It Taste Like

KFC Hot & Spicy Wings 2

When I tell you after one bite, I was shook to my core.

It was really really good.

Do you know that feeling you get whenever you’re in your happy place eating some good food and your eyes just roll to the back of your head from how good it was?

That was this!

KFC Hot & Spicy Wings Bite

The chicken wings itself had a beautiful crispy exterior that wasn’t too thick or battered much at all. But it gave a really good crunch that was loud and crackling and sounded like a symphony to my ears.

Then once I broke through the barrier and bit into the meat, I felt a gush of juices flowing around.

It was meaty, it was tender and soft, and oh it was juicy.

Honestly, it was probably one of the best fried chicken pieces I have ever had.

Plus, funny enough was that even though it was fried, the actual wing itself was not too oily. This was a good sign as I usually hate having really oily chicken.

But the best part came soon after.

After a few seconds of chewing, you could sense the heat from the wings getting to you.

KFC Hot & Spicy Wings Bite 4

These wings actually had a decent amount of spice and heat that kind of tingled your tongue around. It wasn’t the spiciest wings out there, but for a fast food spicy wings, these were good.

Had a nice lingering burn that stayed for a few seconds before going away, and then comes back for a second round getting stronger and stronger.

That’s the type of heat that I like and this provided it!

All in all, it was delicious.

For only $4.99 for 8 pieces, this was worth it.

How Can It Be Improved

For fast food spicy wings, these were really good.

Not much needs to be changed as KFC has done a really great job in making this item.

But me being me, I still wish that some fast food companies can make an item that would be super spicy that would blow your mouth off with heat. But I understand that making an item like that would be impossible as customers would complain.

However, in my dreams, I hope one day it can actually happen.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, KFC hit a home run with these new Hot & Spicy Wings.

They are the perfect item to get for when you want some good wings at a cheap price.

Plus, it comes just in time for the Football Season, so you can get a bunch of wings and enjoy the game as well.

Definitely one of the best fast food items that is worth it.

Overall Rating: 8.8

Are you going to try these wings? If not, you better go try them before they are gone~