Review: McDonald’s Holiday Pie (Seasonal)


McDonald's Holiday Pie Seasonal

The holiday season of 2023 is coming near, and what better way to celebrate than by having a pie? But not just any pie, but the seasonal McDonald’s Holiday Pie!

Yes, you heard that right!

McDonald’s is officially bringing back the seasonal Holiday Pie for everyone to try. It was made available earlier this week and is still rolling out across the nation for a limited time only.

Because of this, you know we here at Food Senpai have to give it a try!

So without waiting any longer, lets go buy our Holiday Pie!

Buying The McDonald’s Holiday Pie

Immediately after hearing the news of the McDonald’s Holiday Pie being made available across the nation, I got into my car and drove to the nearest McDonald’s. Fortunately for me, this was only a one minute drive as the McDonald’s is literally right next to my house.

I went in the drive-thru lane and saw there was no cars ahead of me.

This made me happy as I knew I could get my order pretty fast and get right into the review.

I drove up to the speaker and noticed that the McDonald’s menu didn’t actually advertise the Holiday Pies. So I was wondering if this location even had it in stock. So I asked the employee behind the speaker and sure enough they did, it’s just they didn’t have it updated yet on the menu.

So I placed one order and drove to the window to pay.

The Holiday Pie itself was actually pretty cheap as the total price was around $1.99 before tax. So I paid for my pie and waited around 2 minutes before they handed it to me.

And I had to say, the bag itself was super light, I almost thought they forgot my pie and gave me an empty bag. But looking inside, they definitely did give me my pie, but it was just super light.

Anyways, I can’t wait any longer so lets get into this review!

What Does McDonald’s Holiday Pie Look Like

McDonald's Holiday Pie Seasonal In Box

Taking the pie out of the bag, I noticed that the box it came in was the generic looking pie box that McDonald’s always has.

I thought they would have given us some special Holiday themed packaging or box but I guess they didn’t want to spend the money on that. Oh well, it was okay as we aren’t here for the box, but the pie.

So taking the pie out of the box, I noticed it was basically the same size and shape as McDonald’s other pies, except this was a bit more colorful.

Immediately I noticed that covering the pie all around, there was colorful sprinkles layered into the crust. This gave it a joyful feel and it looked actually quite nice.

McDonald's Holiday Pie Seasonal

There was some notches in the center of the pie where you can see the filling which to me looked like cream filling. It looked good, and smelled delicious.

However, the only thing I would say was that the pie itself was super soft. Literally holding it in my hand, I could feel it starting to break apart. I’m assuming this was fresh right out oven as it was still nice and warm.

Anyways, lets get into the taste!

What Does McDonald’s Holiday Pie Taste Like

McDonald's Holiday Pie Seasonal Holding

Holding the McDonald’s Holiday Pie carefully, I was scared it would break on me without even having to take a bite. So I moved real slowly and put the pie in my mouth and took a giant bite.

And to my surprise, I was not expecting this.

The pie on the outside looked really nice and colorful so I expected the flavor to be on point and deliver that strong sense of deliciousness that you would only expect to find during the holidays. But instead, what I got was the most flavorless, boring pie I have ever tried.

Honestly speaking, this pie was not my favorite.

Immediately after taking a bite, I noticed the crust of the pie was basically like a giant sugar cookie type of feeling where it was soft and sweet but that’s literally it. I was expecting some more flavors to come out but there was nothing besides sugar. Not only that, but the crust itself became very dry when your chewing it around and it sticks all over your mouth.

Not a great feeling.

McDonald's Holiday Pie Seasonal Bite

And what got me even more depressed was that the filling of the McDonald’s Holiday Pie was so weak in nature. There was barely any filling in my pie as the layer of cream was barely like one millimeter thick. It was like ninety percent crust and ten percent filling.

When you actually did get to the filling, it just had a very subtle vanilla flavor that was slightly cooling but nothing special about it.

For a Holiday Pie from McDonald’s, I was very let down.

As you know, McDonald’s has a wide range of pies available that they sell with all kinds of flavors going inside of the pies. So I was really hoping the Holiday Pie would be something special as it only comes around during the holidays.

But this was not it.

The McDonald’s Holiday Pie just feels very generic and plain, somewhat boring. It’s basically a sugar cookie with some cream.

How Can McDonald’s Holiday Pie Be Improved

McDonald's Holiday Pie Seasonal Bite 2

For a Holiday Pie to be made from McDonald’s, I was expecting a lot more flavor to come out of it.

McDonald’s should really take this pie back to the drawing board and rethink about how to make it better. In my opinion, I think it should have more holiday spirit, more holiday flavors entwined inside of it.

I actually don’t mind the cream, but maybe McDonald’s can add other flavors too. Maybe cranberry, blueberry, strawberries, or any other festive fruit flavors combined with the cream. That in my opinion, would be so much better.

Also McDonald’s, if you ever read this, please add more filling! My pie was struggling with it being mostly crust and barely any filling.

Overall Thoughts:

At the end of the day, McDonald’s has so many different pies available for you to buy, I see no reason in you having to buy the Holiday Pies.

In fact, I would probably skip out on it entirely as there really isn’t anything special about it.

But if you do want to try it, I do encourage you as you might have a different take on it than me.

The only good thing about this pie was that it’s decently cheap at around $1.99 before tax. That to me was a pretty good deal, although wish the pie could be a bit better.

Overall Rating: 4.0

Happy Holidays~