Review: McDonalds New Cookies & Creme Pie


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McDonalds Cookies and Creme Pie Taken Out

Everyone rejoice!

McDonalds USA has just launched a new version of their popular pies being the New Cookies and Creme Pie.

This has been long overdue as fans of McDonalds pies has been waiting for so many years for a new variety, and finally in July of 2023, McDonalds has finally listened and brought in a new pie for us to enjoy.

Now from my knowledge, the new McDonalds Cookies and Creme pie is only going to be around for a limited time only, so you know here at Food Senpai, we had to get our hands on it before its too late.

Buying The Food:

Customers wanting to buy the new McDonalds Cookies and Creme pie will be happy to know they don’t have to do anything special to get it. They can just go right up to their McDonalds and buy it straight away.

Although from what we were told, the new Cookies and Creme pie is not found nationwide. In fact, it’s only going to be released in a few different states and cities. Fortunately for us, it was available in our city for us to try.

The price for the new McDonalds Cookies and Creme pie is fairly priced as it comes at a modest $1.99.

Now onto the review.

What Does It Look Like:

McDonalds Cookies and Creme Pie Box

As you can see, the new pie comes in their regular box that is brown in color with a colorful yellow pie picture.

Nothing really special about the box, but it does look quite nice.

McDonalds Cookies and Creme Pie Taken Out

And this is what the new McDonalds Cookies and Creme Pie looks like when taken out the box.

As you can see, its in the shape of a regular McDonalds Pie, but instead of the regular colors, its in the nice color of brown and white.

The entire pie itself is colored in a deep brown color with a whole bunch of white spots all over, and in the center of the pie you can see a mix of brown and white colors in the creme.

McDonalds Cookies and Creme Pie Backside

The backside of the pie is pretty ordinary as it doesn’t really look as appealing as the front side of the pie.

It’s mostly just a brown colored side with some white shading here and there.

On first impression, you can definitely tell this is going to be a very chocolatey experience. After all, that shade of brown really takes over the pie. And immediately when you take it out the box, you can get a whiff of a slight cocoa type of scent which is quite nice.

It’s not too overpowering but just gentle enough where you’re like hm…this might be good.

What Does It Taste Like:

McDonalds Cookies and Creme Pie Bite

But as far as looks goes, that’s about it.

Flavor wise, I have to say it’s not really as strong as I expected.

When you first take a bite, you’ll notice the crust itself is nice and crispy and also a bit crumbly. Then after a few seconds the flavor sinks in and you’ll notice a slight chocolate taste which kind of feels like Oreo cookies, but a lot more milder and light.

The inner creme felt like some sort of vanilla flavor type of treat, but with that though, the flavor was also very light and subtle. It feels like its being held back somehow, as the full potential of the pie has not been reached. Not only that, but the creme itself wasn’t really gooey or oozing out like a liquid type of creme. It was very firm and stiff which did feel nice when eating, just without much flavor.

Similar to how when you eat an Oreo, and you can taste the chocolate cookie and also the creme on the inside, the McDonalds pie falls a bit short. It’s not as flavorful as an Oreo cookie, but it’s also not as sweet. Compared to their other pies, like the apple pie or the guava pie, those were much better tasting in my opinion.

This pie however, McDonalds New Cookies and Creme just can’t compare.

Overall Thoughts:

McDonalds Cookies and Creme Pie Side

With that being said, I was a little let down by the new Cookies and Creme by from McDonalds.

After trying their Guava pie and Apple pie, those were leaps and bounds better.

But this new pie, isn’t as good.

Not to say its bad or anything, it’s an okay pie for what it is, however I just wished the flavor was a lot stronger.

In all honesty, a few changes McDonalds can do to make this pie stand out is to simply give it more flavor. Maybe make the chocolate essence a lot stronger, I want to feel the cocoa and more with each bite. Not to mention the vanilla creme flavor I want it to stand out.

It would also be great if they could have mixed the creme with the chocolate to give it a more intense type of feel. Also if they added a bit more sweetness to the pie, it would be so much better.

But overall, the pie is just okay and I don’t think I’ll be going out of my way to get another.

Overall Rating: 6.5

Personally I would say, skip this pie and go for any of their other treats. It’ll be a lot better of an experience.