Review: McDonalds New Mambo Sauce


McDonalds Mambo Sauce

McDonald’s has just released two new sauces that came out today on October 9, 2023. The sauces being the new Mambo Sauce and the new Sweet & Spicy Jam Sauce.

Seeing as how McDonald’s doesn’t really come out with new items all that often, even something as small as a sauce definitely caught the attention of many. Myself included, who absolutely wanted to try this since most of McDonald’s sauces are actually pretty tasty.

Now seeing as how McDonald’s released two sauces, we’re actually going to review only the Mambo Sauce in this article. The other sauce being the new Sweet & Spicy Jam Sauce will be in another review article posted sometime later.

With that being said, I am deeply intrigued, so I can’t wait to try this sauce out.

Let’s go buy it~

Buying The Mambo Sauce

Now buying the sauce was actually really easy to do.

The Mambo Sauce was being listed everywhere, on signs on windows, on the menu and more.

So it was easy to see that McDonald’s was really pushing this sauce onto people. Either way, it worked because there was quite a line at the drive-thru in McDonald’s, and from what I’m seeing on the screen, a lot of people are ordering the new sauces.

Once it got to my turn, I decided to get a 10 Piece McNugget Combo, with fries and a drink. And obviously, I got the new sauces as well.

Now they only give 2 sauces today for the 10 Piece McNugget Combo, but I wanted more. So I ended up asking how much it would be for additional sauces. The employee said it would be $0.25 cent for each additional sauce which was pretty decent in my opinion.

I got 2 more Mambo Sauces extra just in case I wanted to try more.

Once I got to the window, I paid for my meal and waited like 3 minutes before they gave me my food.

I took a peak inside the bag to see if the sauces were inside as you know…sometimes McDonald’s does mess up. But fortunately for me, all the sauces was inside and I was excited!

Lets get in on this review~

What Does Mambo Sauce Look Like

McDonalds Mambo Sauce

I took the Mambo Sauce out of the bag and looked at it.

The packaging was quite vibrant as it was a deep Reddish Purple color with the word “Mambo” in big bold letters at the top. There was also a colorful star in the middle of the packaging which was pretty cool.

I tore off the seal to take a look at the sauce, and to my surprise, it looked exactly like a barbecue sauce type of color.

McDonalds Mambo Sauce Opened

It was brownish in nature, and you could smell a slightly spicy sensation coming out of the sauce which was interesting. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it was something I definitely wasn’t expecting.

The Mambo Sauce itself also looked pretty thick too which was nice.

After all, I’m not a fan of thin sauces that are too liquid. I like my sauces to be thick so that they can hold on to the item very well and coat it nicely.

Anyways, now that we took a look at the sauce, lets see how it tastes.

What Does Mambo Sauce Taste Like

McDonalds Mambo Sauce Dipped McNugget

The first thing I did was grab a Chicken McNugget and dunked it in the sauce.

It was a very thick consistency and it coated the nugget very well.

I took a bite, and very curious.

The Mambo Sauce tasted basically like a very spicy barbecue sauce. It had a natural tang to it which was nice, and you could definitely taste the tomato essence that they used to make the sauce. But what stood out was the spicy sensation which I have to say was actually pretty spicy.

I was not expecting the Mambo Sauce to be this spicy, but it definitely had some heat to it. My tongue felt a nice burn, a tingling sensation that was not overpowering but just enough where it had a good kick to it.

There was also a bit of sweetness too but it was very light and subtle, you mostly just felt the spicy heat coming out of the sauce.

McDonalds Mambo Sauce On McNugget

I had to say, it was quite good.

It’s basically a spicy barbecue sauce with a hint of sweetness.

The Mambo Sauce also didn’t overpower the Chicken McNugget as you can still taste the flavors of the chicken meat as well as the breading.

I have to say, McDonalds did a pretty good job with making this sauce.

McDonalds Mambo Sauce on Fries 2

I also tried it with the French fries as well, and it also tasted very good. In my opinion, I think it tasted better on the French fries than the Chicken McNugget, but both were very good options to try it with.

If you love barbecue types of sauces and you also love spicy things, then this Mambo Sauce is definitely up your alley.

How Can Mambo Sauce Be Improved

Honestly, I think McDonalds got it perfect.

The McDonalds Mambo Sauce definitely did not need any changes or improvements at all as just the way it is, is very good.

Now I know McDonald’s got their inspiration from the “Mumbo Sauce” which is from the Washington DC area, and even though I never tried the original sauce from that location, I can tell that McDonalds version is going to be a very popular sauce to enjoy.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, McDonald’s Mambo Sauce is a very good sauce to try.

According to them, the Mambo Sauce pairs really well with the Quarter Pounder With Cheese, Hash Browns, Chicken Nuggets, McCrispy, World Famous Fries.

And sure enough, when you tried it together, it was great.

The Mambo Sauce is definitely something you should consider trying if you can, especially if you love barbecue types of sauces.

It is really good and interesting.

Overall Rating: 8

How do you pronounce Mambo Sauce? Is it “Mom + Bo” or “Ma’am + Bo”?

Either way, this was great!