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Papa Johns Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza

Earlier this week, Papa Johns has just released a new version of their popular Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza.

This time around, loyal fans can find them releasing the new Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza.

The pizza is pretty much the same as the original Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza, however it has a twist. The pizza is loaded with a bunch of garlic all over. From the crust to the top as well as being stuffed inside the end crust, there is so much garlic!

From what we know here at Food Senpai, this pizza is only here for a limited time only so be sure to get yours to try before its gone.

So with that being said, lets go review Papa Johns New Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza!

Buying The Food:

Papa John’s fans who want to try the new Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza will be happy to know that in order to buy this new creation, you’ll have to be a loyal member on the Papa Johns App.

This is pretty simple to do as you just have to create an account and you are set.

Once you create the account, you can place the order for the pizza like any other item and then buy it.

The New Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza comes in a few different forms. The first being a pepperoni pizza or a sausage pizza. Or you can create your own pizza but this will be a bit more expensive.

For this review, we are buying the Sausage version of the Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Total Price for this pizza was $15.14.

What Does It Look Like:

Papa Johns Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza

As you can see, the pizza itself looks like their ordinary pizza.

Appearance wise, there isn’t anything really special about it. For a sausage pizza, Papa Johns sure does give a lot of sausage. Other than that, I noticed that the pizza itself had a lot of sauce.

But I have to say, immediately after opening the box, you can definitely get a good whiff of that garlic aroma that is floating in the air. I can definitely tell, there is going to be a good amount of garlic with each bite.

Aside from that, Papa Johns also gave us a new Zesty Sauce to try with it.

Papa Johns Zesty Sauce

As you can see, the new sauce comes in a bright yellow sauce cup and is called the “Special Zesty Dipping Sauce”.

We will get back to the sauce later on in this post.

What Did It Taste Like:

Papa Johns Sausage Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza Slice

Flavor wise, I have to say Papa Johns is definitely one of the better pizza makers in fast food.

The pizza itself was loaded with so much flavor, it was absolutely delicious.

And texture wise it was pretty good too.

Bottom of the crust was slightly crispy while top was a bit chewy. Then you got the sauce itself which had a nice Italian flare as you can feel all the herbs and seasonings with each bite. Cheese itself was also really good as it was melted completely and covered the entirety of the pizza.

Nice and gooey, it was great.

Sausage had the perfect bounce while being tender and soft, also juicy too.

But because this pizza is called the Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza, that’s what we are going to be focused on.

Papa Johns Sausage Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza Bite

For being called the “Garlic” Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza, I was honestly expecting a lot more garlic flavor.

Each bite I took, I could definitely feel and taste the garlic, but I wanted it to be a lot stronger in taste. The garlic flavor was very light and subtle.

It did taste great when you felt it, and it paired really nicely with all the other ingredients. But being the garlic lover that I am, I absolutely wanted more garlic.

Each bite you took, you got a bit of a pungent smell with a small kick to it, which was great.

But I was looking for that powerful punch where if I talked to somebody, they would pass out immediately from the smell of the garlic.

Other than that, pizza was good just wished the garlic was stronger.

Tasting The Crust:

Papa Johns Sausage Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza Crust

Now the star of the show is the crust.

After all, this is called the Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza, so you know we had to try out the crust to see how it tastes.

And sure enough, that crust was absolutely delicious.

Honestly, I have to say, Papa Johns probably has the best stuffed crust pizza in all of the fast food pizza game.

Crust itself was nice and crispy while inside was soft. Then you got the cheese itself that is perfectly melted. Each bite you took, you got a long cheesy pull that had a creamy yet mild taste that was perfect.

But what made this crust so much better was the garlic.

Papa Johns Sausage Garlic Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza Crust Bite

One bite, and you could tell that the crust area in the back of the pizza had way more garlic than the front.

Now this was what I was looking for.

As you can see on the picture above, inside the crust was a ton of seasoning and herbs. And that garlic flavor absolutely blew me out the door. It was strong, it was pungent, and had the great garlic aroma and taste that I desired.

This was perfection.

This was what I was looking for in a strong garlic flavored pizza, and Papa Johns definitely delivered.

Although the front of the pizza didn’t have much garlic flavor, the back is where it mattered and it totally delivered in every aspect.

If you love garlic, this pizza is totally for you.

Zesty Sauce Taste Test:

Papa Johns Zesty Sauce Opened

Aside from the pizza, Papa Johns also has this new Zesty Sauce for people to try.

Upon opening, it had a bright orange color to it that reminded me of thousand island.

But flavor wise after tasting, it definitely was not thousand island.

In fact, the flavor is actually pretty good and is very similar to a chipotle type of sauce. It’s creamy, and has that unique chipotle flavor that you love just without the smoky sensation. Also there are what I think chopped up peppers in here as you can feel a fresh yet peppery kick with each bite.

Pretty good for a sauce.

Thoughts On The Pizza:

Overall, Papa Johns did a fantastic job in making this pizza.

The only thing I would say they can improve on is to add more garlic flavor to the front of the pizza. Cause when I’m eating it, I want to feel the full force of the garlic and scare away vampires.

The back is perfection, no need to change the back. But if they added a bit more garlic flavor to the front, this would be amazing.

I would definitely get this pizza again as I love garlic and it totally works for me.

Overall Rating: 8.0

If you want to see my review of this pizza, check out the video below:

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