Review: Pepsi Pineapple From Little Caesars


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Pepsi Pineapple Front

Pineapple Lovers rejoice!

The popular Pepsi Pineapple Soda is back and ready for you all to enjoy!

Starting on July 17th, earlier this week, customers from all across the nation can head to their local Little Caesars where they have partnered up with Pepsi to introduce the New Limited Time Only Pepsi Pineapple.

This popular drink has been rebranded with a new design, new can, and the same great taste that you know and love.

And here at Food Senpai, you know we had to get our hands on one.

As you can see, the Pepsi Pineapple can itself is a 16-ounce can and looks absolutely beautiful.

Pepsi Pineapple Front

The front of the can has the iconic Pepsi colors of red, white and blue. But what makes this can stand out is that there is even a Little Caesars Name printed on the bottom alongside the word “Pineapple”. And all around you can see many pineapples floating around the can giving off such a fruity vibe.

Pepsi Pineapple Back

The back side of the can also looks pretty cool too as you can see both the Pepsi and Little Caesar Logo and Mascot being displayed in full force. Alongside them are more colorful pineapples floating around.

What Does It Look Like:

From the outside, the can itself looks like a regular Pepsi can just with a more colorful design.

However, I’m guessing your wanting to know what the actual drink looks like.

Pepsi Pineapple Drink

Well, unfortunately there is nothing special about the appearance as when you pour it out into a cup it will still look like your ordinary Pepsi soda. Dark brownish/black color that has a lot of carbonation fizzling around.

As you can see in the picture up above:

What Does It Taste Like:

But asides from the appearance, flavor wise it is actually quite interesting.

W?hen you first crack open the can, immediately you’ll notice a strong fruit smell that is definitely reminding you of fresh pineapples. It’s like a cologne or perfume that lingers around for quite awhile giving you that amazing smell that you love.

Once you take a sip of the soda, first thing to hit you is that carbonation which is so bubbly. The fizz from the soda surrounds your tongue and pops all around giving you that cool and refreshing feel.

Then you’ll notice the unique taste that is Pepsi coming through and flowing nicely down as you savor the flavor. But after a few seconds, thats where things start to change.

I noticed, it took like 2 to 3 seconds for it to appear, but once it did you’ll start to taste a slight fruity sensation. The soda itself is a lot sweeter than your normal Pepsi. It’s like a Pepsi but with added sugar inside, which is somewhat nice.

And asides from that, there also comes a nice subtle pineapple flavor that is not too strong or overpowering. It’s just gentle enough where you can still taste the great Pepsi flavor but intwined with a Pineapple mix. It’s a bit citrusy and a bit tart but works great together.

Nutrition Facts:

Pepsi Pineapple Nutrition

As you can see, the nutrition for the Pepsi Pineapple Soda is not too bad considering its a 16-ounce can.

  • Calories – 200
  • Total Fat – 0g
  • Sodium – 125mg
  • Total Carbs – 55g
  • Protein – 0g

My Thoughts:

The New Pepsi Pineapple Soda being sold at Little Caesars definitely lives up to the hype.

It’s a very good drink and quite frankly, reminds me of a carbonated fruit soda which is very nice. The fruity flavors of the pineapple is there but not strong enough to overpower the drink, as you’ll still be able to taste the unique Pepsi soda that you love.

Although, I find it funny how it says it only has 1% juice inside, but when you’re drinking it, it actually tastes like an entire juice bottle has been poured in. Very interesting but very good.

Overall Rating: 9.2

The New Pepsi Pineapple sold at Little Caesars is definitely a very good drink. It’s something I would highly recommend you try as the flavor is really nice. If you’re a fan of Pepsi or love fruity or Pineapple flavor drinks, then this is totally for you.