Review: Popeyes New Sweet ‘N Spicy Wings


Popeyes Sweet and Spicy Wings

So Popeyes has just launched their new Sweet ‘N Spicy Wings for people to try.

And honestly, I am absolutely excited!

As you know, Popeyes always makes some really good chicken, and their limited time offerings are also very good.

Like when they had the Ghost Pepper Wings, which I still think they have on their menu currently, is absolutely delicious. It was crispy, juicy and had so much spice, I was in heaven.

But now with the release of the new Sweet ‘N Spicy Wings, I am expecting even greater flavors as it just sounds delicious!

So you know I’m making my way to Popeyes to go get my hands on some.

Buying The Food

So buying the food was pretty simple.

When I went to my local Popeyes, I noticed there was quite a few cars already in the drive-thru, which probably meant they were all eager and excited to try out the new wings.

Once it was my time to order, I placed a 6 piece Sweet ‘N Spicy Wing order in, and waited for my turn.

It took about 10 minutes, but eventually I got my food.

And I had to say, that smell was divine.

You could instantly smell that sweet and spicy flavors coming out of the box, and it was hot too!

The price I paid was $5.99 so it was decently priced for the amount of wings that you get.

Anyways, now onto the review!

What Does It Look Like:

Popeyes Sweet and Spicy Wings Boxed

As you can see, when you get your wing order, it comes in this big black box.

Which I’m assuming they just dumped the crispy wings inside and poured some sauce on top. Then they closed the box and shook it around.

Box itself did look pretty high quality as it held the wings well, no sauce was leaking anywhere and it did its job.

Once I opened the box, immediately I saw the wings in all their glory.

Wings were a bit small in my opinion but they were fried perfectly. You could tell they were still crispy and crunchy while the sauce was a thick sauce and coated the wings all over.

Popeyes Sweet and Spicy Wings

Not to mention, that spicy aroma and scent flowed into my nose and I was about to be teary eyed.

Now honestly, being priced at $5.99, I think it was a decent price. Considering the wings looked good, smelled good, and hopefully tasted good.

I just wish they gave us a bigger wing.

But lets see how it tastes.

What Did It Taste Like

Immediately after taking a few bites, I was blown away.

The simplicity and flavors that came out of the wing were so delicious.

After the first few bites, I noticed how insanely crunchy and crispy the wings were. Thin batter but shattered like fine glass with each bite.

Popeyes Sweet and Spicy Wings Wings

Then you get to the inside and the chicken was juicy and tender and filled with chicken essence.

But the star of the show was definitely the sweet and spicy sauce.

Which was probably one of the best sauces they have ever made.

That sauce was thick, but had a strong powerful spice that was probably spicier than their ghost pepper wings. Like my tongue was literally on fire, it was burning up, it was tingling, I felt like somebody just punched my neck with the full force of the devil.

It was great.

Exactly the type of spice and heat that I was looking for.

Popeyes Sweet and Spicy Wings Bite

Not only that, but it was a gradually growing heat too. It started off slow and low, but after a few seconds it built up and continued to get stronger and stronger.

And what I love most was that after awhile, you’ll notice the sweetness start to join in as well. It kind of mellows out the heat and spice and leave behind a nice warming feel on your tongue.

It’s literally the perfect balance of Sweet and Spicy.

The sauce was not overly spicy where you couldn’t handle it, but just enough for that pleasureful feel, and also the sweetness wasn’t overly sweet. This was a great creation by Popeyes.

I finished these wings so fast and you best believe, I’ll be back for more.

How Can It Be Improved

Popeyes Sweet and Spicy Wings Closeup 2

Honestly, I think these wings are good as is.

Popeyes did a great job and I think many people will like it the way it is.

Although the only complaint I have is that the sauce gets a bit messy on your fingers and it is super sticky. So you’ll likely need to have some napkins or wetnaps to clean it off. And even then, the fingers are still sticky after cleaning.

So maybe make the sauce less sticky? I don’t know.. haha

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, I think everyone should go try out these new wings from Popeyes.

They are only going to be here for a limited time only, and it’s really worth it.

It’s decently priced, great flavor, and you will like them.

I just hope they bring this item back more often cause I will definitely be buying them time and time again.

Overall Rating: 8.7

For fast food wings, these are delicious~