Review: Taco Bell’s New Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza


Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

So I just found out Taco Bell has released a new version of it’s popular Mexican Pizza being the New Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza, and I was shocked!

I tried their original Mexican Pizza many times and to me, it was a great late night drunk food type of item that tastes great, but any other time would pail in comparison to any other foods.

However, this new version definitely got me interested because not only is there MORE cheese on the pizza, but they also added jalapenos too which was interesting.

In my mind, I kept wondering just how this would taste.

Would the extra cheese make a difference? Would the jalapenos be spicy?

So many questions!

I just can’t wait any longer, so lets go try the food~

Buying The Food

I drove up to my local Taco Bell and saw that there was quite a line piling up in the drive-thru, so I was wondering if everyone here was getting the new items as well.

After all, it’s not just the Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza that is being released, but also the Rolled Chicken Tacos and also the Chicken Enchilada Burrito that are new too. However those two items will be in its own review later.

As for now, I just got in the drive-thru line and waited.

Took about 6 minutes before it got to me to place my order.

I ordered one Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza and that was it.

The price for one Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza was a bit expensive in my opinion. It was being priced at $5.59 before tax in my area, which for something that is not too big seems a bit pricy don’t ya think?

But hopefully it tastes good.

After waiting another 5 minutes, I got my food and I am excited!

Let’s get on with this review~

What Does It Look Like

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Box

Upon opening the box, I noticed that the cheese smell was pretty prominent. However, it wasn’t overbearing at all, in fact it did smelled quite nice.

I looked at the Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza, and to my surprise, you could hardly even notice the Nacho Cheese Sauce. You could see like bits of the Nacho Cheese Sauce here and there, but I was expecting a whole lot more.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Not only that, but there was barely any jalapenos.

I felt robbed for that price.

For Taco Bell to be advertising a Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza, I was expecting a lot more cheese and a lot more jalapenos. But I didn’t get much of either.

It just felt like an ordinary Mexican Pizza with a sprinkle of Nacho Cheese Sauce and Jalapenos.

Either way, we all know not to judge a book by its cover, so hopefully it tastes better than it looked.

What Did It Taste Like

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Slice

I took a piece of the Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza, and noticed they didn’t even properly cut it.

It was still a whole solid circle, which was a shame.

So I had to tear it into a slice and then lifted it up. I made to sure to get a piece with all the items on it and gave it a bite.

And to be frank, it literally tastes the exact as as the original Mexican Pizza.

There is hardly any difference.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Slice 2

I was expecting a good strong Nacho Cheese Sauce flavor, which didn’t really do anything. In fact, when your eating the pizza, you don’t even notice the Nacho Cheese Sauce at all. They put so little that it was negligible. Might as well just take out the Nacho Cheese Sauce cause it was doing nothing for the pizza.

Not only that, but the jalapenos were probably the weakest jalapenos I have ever seen.

They did not have any spice or kick to them at all. And the fact that they only put like 4 jalapenos on the ENTIRE pizza was just devastating.

Flavor wise, it was decent because lets be honest, it’s still a Mexican Pizza and it will be great for late night eats specially when your drunk or hungover.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Slice Top

It was crispy from the tortilla, and the beans were smooth and tender, while the meat provided a nice savory feel that was juicy and seasoned well. Tomatoes were juicy and moist and the pizza sauce had a great zesty feel that matched perfectly with all the rest of the ingredients.

In my opinion, this was just a glorified version of the Mexican Pizza which provided no additional benefits at all.

How Can It Be Improved

There is a lot that can be improved with this item.

For Taco Bell to call this the Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza, I really want them to EMPHASIZE the Cheesy and Jalapeno portion of the name.

I want it to be covered with Nacho Cheese Sauce all over to give it that real good cheesy sensation.

I also want them to give way more Jalapenos.

Either have them chop it up into little bits and put them in the pizza or just give way more jalapeno slices.

Cause lets be honest, 4 slices of jalapenos is not gonna do the trick.

Either way, this is not a Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza.

Taco Bell can definitely do better.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, I was not impressed.

I was expecting so much more, and was really disappointed.

I don’t know if my Taco Bell just dropped the ball and made it wrong or this was exactly how it was suppose to be made.

Either way, it was not a good look.

It’s just a regular Mexican Pizza in disguise.

Overall Rating: 6.5

I would probably skip this item if I were you, or at least tell them to add way more Nacho Cheese and Jalapenos.