Review: Wendy’s New Queso Fries


Wendys Queso Fries Opened

So apparently Wendy’s has released a new item being the new Queso Fries.

This got me very curious, as I know Wendy’s often times release many new versions of there fries and depending on what they release, it can either be hit or miss.

Now seeing Queso Fries, it got me wondering if the fries themselves was going to be drenched in Queso and become soggy or if the Queso was going to be on the side.

Either way, I wanted to try.

So lets go buy our food~

Buying The Food

Buying the new Queso Fries was pretty simple to do.

I drove to my nearby Wendy’s and saw that it was completely empty. There was no cars in the parking lot or the drive-thru, so I was wondering if it was even open.

Fortunately for me, when I drove to the drive-thru speaker, a voice came out asking for what I wanted which meant they were indeed open.

After telling them what I wanted, I went to go pay.

The Queso Fries came out to around $2.39 before tax in my area, so depending on where you live it might be a bit different.

But after paying, I only waited around 2 minutes before they came and delivered my fries to me.

So without waiting any longer, lets get to the review~

What Does It Look Like

Wendys Queso Fries Box

Now upon looking at the fries, the Queso sauce was indeed drenched over the fries and not put in a side container.

So this led me to think that it was going to be really soggy when eating it.

But other than that, I noticed that the fries themselves looked really nice.

Wendys Queso Fries Opened

Good golden brown color, and the Queso sauce was really generously covering the fries. The Queso looked really thick in nature and you can see the Poblano peppers they used in it.

Other than that, nothing really special stands out as it’s just fries with Queso.

But hopefully it tastes good~

What Did It Taste Like

Wendys Queso Fries Opened Closeup

Now taking my fork, I stabbed the fries with the Queso covering over it and ate a bite.

Honestly speaking, it was pretty good.

Not the best Queso Fries that I had, but for a fast food version it was decent.

Fries themselves was surprisingly not soggy at all even though the Queso sauce was covering it completely.

In fact, fries had a great crispy exterior while being fluffy on the inside and had a good generous seasoning of salt which gave it a nice savory feel.

Wendys Queso Fries Opened Fork

As for the Queso, it really became the star of the show as the sauce it self was thick but full of flavor.

Each bite you took, you can get a good cheesy sensation but also had a nice pepper flavor.

You could clearly taste the Poblano peppers used in the sauce, and it was a good thing. It gave the sauce a more fresh type of feel, kind of like a garden herb all around. It was subtle in nature but not too weak where you couldn’t taste it.

It meshed really well with the cheese and fries.

Wendys Queso Fries Opened Fork 4

Now I was expecting a bit of heat from the fries because usually Poblanos have a weak spice that it gives off, but in these fries there was no spice, no burn, no tingling sensation or anything.

It was just cheesy with a hint of Poblano pepper flavor.

It was good, but nothing that would make me come back time and time again for.

How Can It Be Improved

Personally speaking, the Queso Fries are decent but could use a bit of changing to become better.

For me personally, I want to see more seasonings or spices used on the fries or in the sauce.

Most importantly, I want to see some heat added to it.

Something similar to the Ghost Pepper Fries that Wendy’s released awhile ago, but with the Queso sauce instead. That to me would seem like a great idea.

Other than that, it’s a simple menu item that can definitely be improved.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, Wendy’s new Queso Fries doesn’t really scream “Go Get It Now” to me.

But for the price, considering it’s only around $2.39, and you get a good portion of fries, it’s not a bad deal.

So if you like fries and if you like Queso, then this might be something you want to try.

Overall Rating: 7.5

Now if they came out with Ghost Pepper Queso Fries, I might be running back here to try it~