Review: Wingstop’s New Maple Sriracha Flavor


Wingstop Maple Sriracha Wings

So earlier today, I saw that Wingstop has just announced a new flavor coming out for a limited time only being the new Maple Sriracha Flavor sauce.

This has caught my attention as usually whenever Wingstop releases a new sauce, it usually tastes pretty good.

And seeing how this new flavor combines both the sweet maple flavors with the spicy kick of sriracha, it seems to me like its a new version of a sweet and spicy sauce and I have to try.

And what’s great is that Wingstop lets you put this sauce on any of their items, so it could be the wings, tenders or even the chicken sandwich. But knowing me, you know I will definitely get it on the classic wings.

So lets go get it!

Buying The Maple Sriracha Flavor Wings

Fortunately for me, Wingstop is literally like a 3 minute drive from my house so it was easy to get to. I got in my car and drove to Wingstop as fast as I could and saw that there was nobody in line.

I went inside and asked if they had the new flavor of Maple Sriracha Sauce, and sure enough, the employee said yes they did and it tasted delicious. Now this got me happy as whenever an employee says its good, you know its going to be good.

So I ordered the 6 piece wing combo with a side of fries and a drink. And for the wing sauce I obviously chose the Maple Sriracha Flavor.

The cost was around $10.69 which I think was a fair price in this economy. After all, you’re getting 6 pieces of wings, a good sized fry basket and also a medium drink.

After paying, I sat down on the bench and waited for my order.

I noticed a few more people coming in to order the exact same thing as me and they are also wanting it in the Maple Sriracha Flavor, which was interesting as that means this was a popular sauce that everyone likes or was just curious to try.

Around 15 minutes goes by, and my name was called and they handed me my order. I checked inside and it looked right, and I headed to my car to do my review.

Lets get this started!

What Does The Maple Sriracha Flavor Look Like

Wingstop Maple Sriracha Box Combo

Taking the Maple Sriracha coated wings out of the bag, I noticed it came in this small Styrofoam box.

Even without opening it, I could literally smell the sweet sensations coming out of the wings.

I popped the box open, and immediately I saw the beautiful wings. They were drenched in a bright orange reddish color type of sauce that was somewhat thick and coated the wings entirely. Not one piece of wing did not have that sauce on it.

Wingstop Maple Sriracha Wings

It looked amazing!

Plus, they gave me a side of ranch too, and you know Wingstop has probably one of the best ranches in Fast Food.

I wanted to try the wings immediately, but they were super hot. Like steam was flowing out of the wings like crazy so I had to wait a good while for them to cool down.

After around 10 minutes of waiting, they cooled down a bit and it was time to enjoy.

Lets get on with this review!

What Does The Maple Sriracha Flavor Taste Like

Wingstop Maple Sriracha Wings In Hand

I grabbed a wing and took a bite into it.

As you know, Wingstops wings are always perfectly cooked. They have great texture where they are super crispy on the outside with a thin batter, and the chicken itself is so soft and tender and oozing with juice.

But the star of the show was definitely the Maple Sriracha Flavor sauce.

And you know what, I had to say the sauce was decent.

Immediately after biting the wings, I noticed the sauce gave off a strong sweet sensation that was kind of like syrup which was nice. It was thick and coated your tongue nicely overall. There was also a bit of a tangy sensation which was pretty cool too.

But other than that, I noticed there was barely any sriracha flavor.

Wingstop Maple Sriracha Wings Inside Bite

I was trying to look for some type of spicy feel or kick, or even a smoky hint flowing around, but there was nothing.

All the sauce had was a sweet tangy feel and that was literally it.

I felt kind of let down as I was really hoping for a nice sweet and spicy kick. I mean, the sauce wasn’t bad by any means, but Maple Sriracha this was not. This was literally just maple flavored syrup with some pungent hints in it.

I then tried it with the ranch as you know, usually Wingstops ranch always hits the spot.

Wingstop Maple Sriracha Wings Drum In Ranch 2

And just like other times, the ranch definitely helps it a lot. You don’t even notice the missing sriracha flavor as the ranch sauce was thick enough and flavorful enough to give it that added flavor with a nice soothing and cooling sensation that was delicious.

Pairing it up with the ranch was definitely a good idea, but just the wings by themselves would need some help.

How Can The Maple Sriracha Flavor Be Improved

Being called a Maple Sriracha Flavor sauce, I was definitely expecting some type of Sweet and Spicy feel with each bite which this didn’t have.

This sauce felt more sweet and thick with no spicy feels.

Wingstop needs to go back into their formula and add more sriracha flavor or at least more spice into the sauce to give it that impact customers are wanting.

By making the sauce a lot more spicier, it would do wonders as the sauce itself is super sweet. It is just missing that spice to help balance it out.

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, the Maple Sriracha Flavor is okay but not what I was expecting.

This is one sauce where I think Wingstop needs to go back to the drawing board and redo how they make it as it is definitely more Maple flavored then Sriracha.

Either way, I would probably pass on this sauce the next time I see it.

Overall Rating: 7.0

It’s decent, but I think there’s better choices of sauces to choose from~