Schlotzsky’s Debuts New Sandwich-Themed 70’s Home Décor Collection


Schlotzsky’s Launches New Sandwich-Themed ’70s Home Décor Collection

Schlotzsky’s is taking you back to the 70’s by debuting its new Home Décor Collection which is themed after Sandwiches.

The new Sandwich-Themed 70’s Décor is coming from an inspiration of the brand’s Original sandwich and ingredients. Because of this, the new Schlotzsky’s Sandwich Studio Line is bringing all that energy and experience of the 70’s and offering customers a chance to go back in time with unique and interesting items that is centered around sandwiches.

And according to the website, the new Schlotzsky’s, Sandwich Studio Line is available for customers to purchase starting today by visiting the website, while supplies last. Depending on which item you buy, the price ranges anywhere from $8 to $500.

The full collection that you can buy includes the following:

  • Get Toasty Pod Chair
  • Sourdough Pillow
  • Saucy Lamp
  • Circa ’71 Rug
  • Wall Flavor Wallpaper
  • 13 Layer Throw
  • Nice to Meat You Mat
  • Sandwich Go ‘Round
  • Bun Bag
  • Schlotzsky’s For Lunch Box
  • Stuck on Schlotzsky’s Sticker Pack

Asides from that, Schlotzsky’s Rewards Members who buy any Original sandwich between now and October 31, 2023, will receive a Reward through the Schlotzsky’s App for 25% off any Original Sandwich to use within the next 7 days, once per day.

Also, if you were to buy a $25 Gift Card from Schlotzsky’s from now through October 1, 2023, then you’ll also receive a Reward for a FREE Small Original Sandwich.

How great is that?

Image via Schlotzskys