Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger Review: How Does It Taste?

Mayank Kansal

Shake Shack's Korean BBQ Burger Fresh Inside Wrapper

It is 2024 and Shake Shack is ready to “shake” things up with their brand new line of items from their Korean-inspired menu. Among the four new items being released, the one item I have been looking forward to trying is their Korean BBQ Burger. 

Shake Shack’s full menu in terms of burgers might seem a little limited to some people, but do not let that fool you as that simply implies that every one of those burgers receive much more attention to detail. 

The end result is simple, the customers get a delicious and fresh burger! The one thing you have to keep in mind is that Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger along with the other Korean-inspired menu items are only here for a limited time. 

The advertised image of this burger displays a 100% Angus beef patty, covered with a slice of cheese, some crispy onions, some scallions, Korean BBQ sauce, and it is all held together by two toasted potato buns.

Is your mouth watering just thinking about that as well? Well let us see how we can get our hands on this burger!

Buying Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger

Shake Shack's Korean BBQ Burger

Depending on how busy your schedule is or how eager you are for trying out Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger, you can order directly from Shake Shack’s website, their mobile app, or through other fast food delivery options. 

While I might opt for delivery or take out options for other items, Shake Shack is one spot I always choose to dine-in at. 

This is because Shake Shack’s burgers and sandwiches taste best when eaten immediately after being cooked and this way you are able to enjoy all those delicious flavors and the fresh ingredients that otherwise would not taste as good if they get cold. 

I have said this before and it has always been the case where the Shake Shack near my house is likely one the busiest in town. 

There are always six employees working anytime I visit and the dining area is packed with at least five people in line waiting to place their orders. The line always moves quickly and I was able to place my order within ten minutes of arriving at the store. 

I only ordered a single patty Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger without any drinks or sides, so the total for my order with tax came out to $9.40. As usual everyone was working very efficiently and my freshly made burger was ready within five minutes. 

Even though my wait time was very short, I still could not hold my excitement to try the burger. Let us dive in to see the actual burger and the captivating aroma coming from it!

How Did Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger Look Like

Shake Shack's Korean BBQ Burger

If you were to think of an image of mouth watering foods, I can bet you that visually, Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger would be there! 

Even inside the wrapper the burger is served in, you could see a beautifully toasted potato bun, a decent amount of chopped scallions, fried onions, seated on top of melted cheese which covered the fresh and glistening patty made from 100 percent Angus beef. 

The smashed patty was quite big, as I could not see the Korean BBQ sauce or the bottom bun. Normally I would have flipped the bun first to see the contents, but this time I immediately took a small bite in search of that sauce. 

After still not getting any sauce I finally flipped the burger open and noticed the sauce was collected more towards the back end of the burger. 

My first impression of seeing that sauce was not positive at all, since it looked sloppy and just slapped on the burger as opposed to being evenly spread across the bun. Again you can clearly see there was no shortage of scallions on that burger. 

Even with the sauce looking a little funky, it is that taste that matters as the sauce is just one component.

Now for the best part, let us actually see how this tastes.

How Did Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger Taste Like

Shake Shack's Korean BBQ Burger

As  mentioned earlier, I was very eager to try this burger so I had already taken a quick first bite. In that first bite I could immediately taste that potato bun which was soft and pillowy on the inside and slightly crispy on the as it was toasted. 

Right after that I could taste the fresh chopped scallions along with the crispy onions. The thing about those onions is that not only were they fried, but they had this sweet taste which was not overwhelming at all. 

Next set of flavors to greet us were the warm delicious melted cheese over the smashed 100 percent Angus beef patty. The patty itself was glistening on the outside and inside as well as it was very juicy, seasoned perfectly, and moist. 

The main reason I went with a single patty on my order of Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger and not a double patty was because I thought any additional meat would change the ratio between the patty and other components of the burger. 

I made the right choice, otherwise the meat taste and flavor would have completely overpowered the other ingredients. 

Shake Shack's Korean BBQ Burger

One component that I had surprisingly not tasted yet was the Korean BBQ sauce! I had to take about three to four bites into my burger before actually tasting the sauce. 

While visually it was not the best, the flavors in that sauce were absolutely delicious. There was a slightly salty yet savory flavor from that BBQ sauce, and I think it does an amazing job in tying the whole burger together. 

You get to experience a vast array of flavors ranging from toasty, sweet, slightly peppery, salty, savory, and the seasoned beef patty!

The last few bites were most definitely an amazing experience, but can the overall burger still be improved upon?

How Can Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger Be Improved

Shake Shack's Korean BBQ Burger

I think the overall concept is good in terms of how it is visually presented. One issue would be to make sure the key ingredient that is holding the entire burger together is evenly spread across both buns and not just hastily slapped on one end of the burger. 

This concern however would vary from one location to another so perhaps the managers on duty can relay the best practices to the other staff members that are preparing the orders. 

The only other slight  issue I have with this burger is perhaps the fact that it costs over $9 dollars with tax. 

It is becoming a bit of a norm where burgers themselves are now exceeding $7 to $8 dollars, but perhaps this might be okay with most folks since the ingredients are fresh.

Overall Thoughts

I was personally very impressed with Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger. When prepared properly, this burger offers so many flavors and tastes absolutely amazing. 

I would still recommend going with a single patty as opposed to a double patty, just so you can truly taste how well each component works. 

Hopefully Shake Shack’s executives and marketing team will bring back this limited time burger again later this year.

Overall Rating: 8.6

Are you planning on getting Shake Shack’s Korean BBQ Burger? Do not wait too long as it is only here for a limited time!