Subway Menu Prices (Updated 2024) – Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps And More


Subway Menu Another Angle Different View

If you’re wanting some cheap and affordable sandwiches but also want to eat healthy, then Subway is the place for you to be.

With a huge menu offering so many different selections, you can definitely find something that will satisfy your hunger. After all, they have Sandwiches, Wraps, Salads and more, with some places even having Pizza on their menu.

But most people do come here for the Sandwiches as depending on which variety you get, it can be so filling. Especially if you get the Footlong which can probably last you around two meals.

Regardless of which, almost all of their items are decently priced.

Which is why if you’re ever wondering about the Menu Prices at Subway, then you’re in the right spot.

Here in this article we will list out every single item that Subway offers on their menu as well as the price that they sell them for. This includes their Sandwiches, Wraps, Salads and even their popular Breakfast Menu too.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

Subway Menu

Subway Series

Starting off, we have the “Subway Series” which is Subways newly revamped menu featuring hand crafted sandwiches that deliver amazing taste and flavor. They come in a pre-determined ingredient selection so you don’t have to do any work.

Simply just choose your Subway Series sandwich and have the employee craft it for you.

Here is the price table for all of Subways “Subway Series” menu items:

Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Deli Heroes
#99 Grand Slam Ham: 6-Inch500$5.69
#99 Grand Slam Ham: Footlong1000$8.59
#99 Grand Slam Ham: Footlong Pro1340$11.59
#15 Titan Turkey: 6-Inch490$6.19
#15 Titan Turkey: Footlong970$9.39
#15 Titan Turkey: Footlong Pro1270$12.39
#17 Garlic Roast Beef: 6-Inch480$6.69
#17 Garlic Roast Beef: Footlong970$11.09
#17 Garlic Roast Beef: Footlong Pro1350$14.09
#30 The Beast: 6-Inch730$7.39
#30 The Beast: Footlong1460$12.19
#30 The Beast: Footlong Pro1980$15.19
#1 The Philly: 6-Inch500$6.39
#1 The Philly: Footlong1000$10.29
#1 The Philly: Footlong Pro1230$13.29
#33 Teriyaki Blitz: 6-Inch450$6.39
#33 Teriyaki Blitz: Footlong910$10.29
#33 Teriyaki Blitz: Footlong Pro1140$13.29
#2 The Outlaw: 6-Inch480$6.39
#2 The Outlaw: Footlong970$10.29
#2 The Outlaw: Footlong Pro1200$13.29
#3 The Monster: 6-Inch580$6.99
#3 The Monster: Footlong1170$11.59
#3 The Monster: Footlong Pro1560$14.59
#23 The Hotshot Italiano: 6-Inch620$5.39
#23 The Hotshot Italiano: Footlong1250$8.59
#23 The Hotshot Italiano: Footlong Pro1750$11.59
#18 The Ultimate B.M.T.: 6-Inch560$5.89
#18 The Ultimate B.M.T.: Footlong1110$9.29
#18 The Ultimate B.M.T.: Footlong Pro1480$12.29
#4 Supreme Meats: 6-Inch590$6.49
#4 Supreme Meats: Footlong1180$10.59
#4 Supreme Meats: Footlong Pro1620$13.59
#6 The Boss: 6-Inch660$5.99
#6 The Boss: Footlong1330$9.99
#6 The Boss: Footlong Pro2160$12.99
#16 All-Pro Sweet Onion Teriyaki: 6-Inch430$5.89
#16 All-Pro Sweet Onion Teriyaki: Footlong850$9.69
#16 All-Pro Sweet Onion Teriyaki: Footlong Pro1070$12.69
#20 Elite Chicken & Bacon Ranch: 6-Inch570$6.19
#20 Elite Chicken & Bacon Ranch: Footlong1140$10.29
#20 Elite Chicken & Bacon Ranch: Footlong Pro1490$13.29
#8 The Great Garlic: 6-Inch570$6.19
#8 The Great Garlic: Footlong1140$10.29
#8 The Great Garlic: Footlong Pro1490$13.29
#7 The MexiCali: 6-Inch540$6.59
#7 The MexiCali: Footlong1080$10.99
#7 The MexiCali: Footlong Pro1410$13.99
#19 Pickleball Club: 6-Inch500$5.59
#19 Pickleball Club: Footlong990$9.59
#19 Pickleball Club: Footlong Pro1280$12.59
#10 All-American Club: 6-Inch530$6.39
#10 All-American Club: Footlong1060$9.69
#10 All-American Club: Footlong Pro1330$12.69
#11 Subway Club: 6-Inch500$6.49
#11 Subway Club: Footlong1000$10.49
#11 Subway Club: Footlong Pro1200$13.49
#12 Turkey Cali Club: 6-Inch600$7.19
#12 Turkey Cali Club: Footlong1200$11.49
#12 Turkey Cali Club: Footlong Pro1780$14.49

As you can see, Subway offers a wide variety of sandwiches in their Subway Series Menu. All of which has been hand crafted so that you don’t have to do any work at all.

And the prices are actually pretty decent as well with nothing being overly expensive and is affordable.

Classic Sandwiches

Now aside from the Subway Series Menu that Subway offers, they also have a menu called the “Classic Sandwiches”. These are sandwiches that have been with Subway for many years and are some of the most popular that customers always order.

Think of this as the basic version instead of the more premium sandwiches that you can find in the “Subway Series” menu.

Here is the price table for all of Subways “Classic Sandwiches” menu items:

Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Classic Sandwiches
Black Forest Ham: 6-Inch280$4.69
Black Forest Ham: Footlong560$7.89
Black Forest Ham: Footlong Pro690$10.89
Buffalo Chicken: 6-Inch380$5.49
Buffalo Chicken: Footlong750$8.49
Buffalo Chicken: Footlong Pro910$11.49
B.L.T.: 6-Inch370$5.39
B.L.T.: Footlong730$7.19
B,L.T.: Footlong Pro1050$10.19
Cold Cut Combo: 6-Inch320$4.69
Cold Cut Combo: Footlong650$6.99
Cold Cut Combo: Footlong Pro870$9.99
Grilled Chicken: 6-Inch290$5.49
Grilled Chicken: Footlong590$8.49
Grilled Chicken: Footlong Pro750$11.49
Italian B.M.T.: 6-Inch400$5.79
Italian B.M.T.: Footlong800$8.69
Italian B.M.T.: Footlong Pro1170$11.69
Meatball Marinara: 6-Inch460$5.19
Meatball Marinara: Footlong910$6.99
Meatball Marinara: Footlong Pro1410$9.99
Oven-Roasted Turkey: 6-Inch270$5.49
Oven-Roasted Turkey: Footlong540$8.29
Oven-Roasted Turkey: Footlong Pro650$11.29
Oven-Roasted Turkey & Ham: 6-Inch280$5.49
Oven-Roasted Turkey & Ham: Footlong550$7.99
Oven-Roasted Turkey & Ham: Footlong Pro680$10.99
Roast Beef: 6-Inch310$6.29
Roast Beef: Footlong620$10.19
Roast Beef: Footlong Pro810$13.19
Rotisserie-Style Chicken: 6-Inch310$5.69
Rotisserie-Style Chicken: Footlong620$9.29
Rotisserie-Style Chicken: Footlong Pro810$12.29
Spicy Italian: 6-Inch470$4.99
Spicy Italian: Footlong930$7.99
Spicy Italian: Footlong Pro1440$11.99
Steak & Cheese: 6-Inch360$5.89
Steak & Cheese: Footlong710$9.29
Steak & Cheese: Footlong Pro940$12.29
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: 6-Inch350$5.99
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: Footlong700$9.59
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: Footlong Pro920$12.69
Tuna: 6-Inch470$5.59
Tuna: Footlong930$8.19
Tuna: Footlong Pro1020$11.19
Veggie Delite: 6-Inch210$4.39
Veggie Delite: Footlong430$6.99
Veggie Patty: 6-Inch390$5.49
Veggie Patty: Footlong770$8.09
Veggie Patty: Footlong Pro1110$11.09

As you can see, just like the Subway Series Menu, the Classic Sandwich Menu also has a bunch of different varieties for everyone to try.

Most of the time, the Classic Sandwiches are actually cheaper than the Subway Series sandwiches which can be a more enticing choice for customers wanting a more affordable item to eat.

No Bready Bowls

If you’re ever looking on the menu at Subway, you might see the words “No Bready Bowls”. This is basically a bowl of food with a lot more meat than normal.

Pretty much you can think of it as a salad but with more meat.

The only difference between this and the salad bowl is that the salad bowl has less meat and more salad where as the no bready bowl will have more meat and less salad.

Here is the price table for all of Subways “No Bready Bowls” menu items:

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
No Bready Bowls
Black Forest Ham: Regular170$789
Black Forest Ham: Double Meat300$10.89
Buffalo Chicken: Regular160$8.49
Buffalo Chicken: Double Meat540$11.49
B.L.T.: Regular360$7.19
B.L.T.: Double Meat680$10.19
Cold Cut Combo: Regular260$6.99
Cold Cut Combo: Double Meat480$9.99
Grilled Chicken: Regular200$8.49
Grilled Chicken: Double Meat360$11.49
Italian B.M.T: Regular410$8.69
Italian B.M.T.: Double Meat780$11.69
Meatball Marinara: Regular540$6.99
Meatball Marinara: Double Meat1040$9.99
Oven Roasted Turkey: Regular150$8.29
Oven Roasted Turkey: Double Meat260$11.29
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham: Regular160$7.99
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham: Double Meat290$10.99
Roast Beef: Regular230$10.19
Roast Beef: Double Meat420$13.19
Rotisserie-Style Chicken: Regular230$9.29
Rotisserie-Style Chicken: Double Meat420$12.29
Spicy Italian: Regular550$7.99
Spicy Italian: Double Meat1060$10.99
Steak & Cheese: Regular380$9.29
Steak & Cheese: Double Meat610$12.29
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: Regular350$9.69
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: Double Meat570$12.69
Tuna: Regular550$8.19
Tuna: Double Meat1060$11.19
Veggie Patty: Regular380$8.09
Veggie Patty: Double Meat720$11.09

As you can see, for the No Bready Bowls at Subway, it’s actually not a bad option to choose if you’re wanting a more protein type of item to have.

Especially having more meat than a regular salad bowl, this is perfect for those wanting a low carb lifestyle.


The next item that you’ll see on the Subway Menu is the Salads. After all, most fast food restaurants nowadays will have salads to help cater to the healthy lifestyles.

So like we mentioned earlier, the Salad Bowls are basically the same as the No Bready Bowls, except this will have less meat and more salad inside of the bowl.

Here is the price table for all of Subways “Salad” menu items:

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Black Forest Ham: Regular120$6.69
Black Forest Ham: Double Meat190$8.19
Buffalo Chicken: Regular300$7.49
Buffalo Chicken: Double Meat380$8.99
B.L.T.: Regular210$7.39
B.L.T.: Double Meat370$8.89
Cold Cut Combo: Regular160$6.69
Cold Cut Combo: Double Meat270$8.19
Grilled Chicken: Regular130$7.49
Grilled Chicken: Double Meat210$8.99
Italian B.M.T: Regular240$7.79
Italian B.M.T.: Double Meat430$9.29
Meatball Marinara: Regular310$6.89
Meatball Marinara: Double Meat560$8.89
Oven Roasted Turkey: Regular110$7.59
Oven Roasted Turkey: Double Meat170$9.59
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham: Regular110$7.59
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham: Double Meat180$9.59
Roast Beef: Regular150$8.59
Roast Beef: Double Meat240$10.59
Rotisserie-Style Chicken: Regular140$7.99
Rotisserie-Style Chicken: Double Meat230$9.99
Steak & Cheese: Regular210$8.19
Steak & Cheese: Double Meat320$9.69
Tuna: Regular310$7.69
Tuna: Double Meat560$9.19
Veggie Delite: Regular50$6.99
Veggie Patty: Regular220$7.49
Veggie Patty: Double Meat390$8.99

Now as you can see, the choices are pretty much the same as the No Bready Bowls. And in fact, depending on how much meat you want, it pretty much can be very similar to a No Bready Bowl.

But basically, if you’re wanting a delicious salad to eat and want to have some protein in it as well, then the Salad Bowl option is a pretty good choice to choose from.

Plus, when you add whatever sauce you want, it can taste delicious.


Aside from the Sandwiches and Bowls, customers are also able to get their item in a Wrap.

Basically, it’s pretty much similar to that of a Subway Sandwich except instead of a bread being used to hold the ingredients, you’ll have a wrap instead. It’s a lower carb item that doesn’t really feel to bready or thick when you eat which is pretty nice.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Black Forest Ham: Regular440$7.99
Buffalo Chicken: Regular560$9.99
B.L.T.: Regular620$7.79
Cold Cut Combo: Regular530$7.99
Grilled Chicken: Regular470$9.99
Italian B.M.T: Regular680$8.49
Meatball Marinara: Regular810$7.99
Oven Roasted Turkey: Regular420$8.59
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham: Regular430$8.59
Roast Beef: Regular500$10.59
Rotisserie-Style Chicken: Regular500$9.49
Spicy Italian: Regular820$7.99
Steak & Cheese: Regular570$9.99
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: Regular590$9.99
Tuna: Regular820$8.59
Veggie Delite: Regular330$6.69

The choices that you get for a Wrap are pretty similar to that of the sandwiches.

The only difference here is that you don’t get a bread and instead get a wrap, which in exchange you also pay a far cheaper price than a typical sandwich.

Personal Size Pizza

Did you know Subway offers Pizza?

It’s True!

Although not every Subway around the country offers it. It’s only a few select stores that do, but when you find one you will truly be amazed.

It’s actually very interesting how they make it as they use basically all the regular pizza ingredients but then you can load it up with all the extra toppings that Subway has to offer.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Personal Pizza
Personal Cheese Pizza: With Shredded Mozzarella Cheese720$4.50

Honestly, Subway Pizza is actually pretty decent surprisingly. Although it’s not the biggest pizza you’ll ever try as its a personal size. But the taste and quality is actually not bad. Plus, considering it’s less than $5 dollars for a personal pizza, that is a great deal.

One personal pizza alone from Subway is easily enough to fill an average persons belly up till they are full.


Asides from all the regular things that they sell like Sandwiches, Bowls, Wraps and more, did you know that Subway also sells breakfast?

Yes, it’s true!

And their breakfast offerings are actually quite huge and they taste pretty good too.

With many of the items containing your classic ingredients like eggs, cheese, bacon and more, this is definitely something that you might be interested in.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: 6-Inch530$4.69
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: Footlong1050$6.89
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wrap860$6.89
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: 6-Inch480$4.69
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: Footlong960$6.89
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese Wrap770$6.89
Egg & Cheese Sandwich: 6-Inch450$4.69
Egg & Cheese Sandwich: Footlong890$6.89
Egg & Cheese Wrap700$6.89
Steak, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: 6-Inch520$4.79
Steak, Egg & Cheese Sandwich: Footlong1030$7.09
Steak, Egg & Cheese Wrap820$7.09

For being a sandwich shop, Subway actually has a pretty good breakfast line-up.

Most of the staples are here like Eggs, Cheese, Steaks or even Ham. All of which when combined together will give you that boost of energy to help wake you up and get you ready for the day.

Fresh Fit For Kids

Now most people who visit Subway typically are grown adults who are able to buy large size sandwiches. But Subway actually also carries items that are perfect for the younger kids too.

Although the variety is not much as they currently only have 3 different choices, it still makes for a great meal for any young one wanting to eat some delicious foods.

Note: Subway’s Kid’s Sandwiches are not the same size as a regular Sandwich that Subway sells. The Kid’s Sandwiches are only around 4-Inches long which is a bit shorter than the regular sandwiches.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Kid’s Sandwiches
Black Forest Ham For Kids: 4-Inch180$4.89
Oven-Roasted Turkey For Kids: 4-Inch170$4.89
Veggie Delite For Kids: 4-Inch140$4.89

As you can see, even though Subway only offers 3 different varieties for the sandwiches for kids to have, it still is pretty decent. They have a choice of either Ham or Oven-Roasted Turkey for the meat versions or they can even have a Veggie sandwich too.

All of which provides a good amount of nutrition that is both filling and delicious for them to enjoy.


Being a major fast food restaurant that serves a variety of foods, obviously they would also carry sides too. After all, who just wants to eat a Sandwich only?

And here at Subway, the only sides that they sell are chips but they carry a few different varieties for customers to enjoy.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Lay’s Classic240$1.39
SunChips Harvest Cheddar210$1.49
Miss Vickie’s Jalapeño140$1.39
Doritos Nacho Cheese240$1.39
Baked Lay’s Original130$1.39

Taking a look at the sides options, you’ll see that you can select from a few different variety of chips.

Size wise, it’s basically your typical chip bag that you can find in any grocery store. Although the price might be more expensive than if you were to buy at a local store, it’s still not bad considering it’s still decently affordable.

Plus, when you pair it up with your sandwiches and drinks or more, then it’s the perfect amount to fill you up.


Recently, Subway has partnered up with a few different companies to create some brand new items for customers to try.

And they are called SideKicks!

Each one being a footlong in length and offers a massive amount of flavor and texture with each bite.

Currently, there are only three varieties and they include partnerships with both Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Footlong Churro180$2
Footlong Pretzel170$3
Footlong Cookie140$5


Let’s be honest, you knew this section was coming.

After all, what kind of fast food restaurant doesn’t have dessert?

And here at Subway, they specialize in serving up delicious cookies for everyone to enjoy. Customers are able to get it in either a single cookie or as many as they want. They even have special cookie boxes for those wanting to buy a bunch of cookies too.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Double Chocolate210$0.75
Chocolate Chip210$0.75
White Chip Macadamia Nut220$0.75
Oatmeal Raisin200$0.75
Raspberry Cheesecake210$0.75
6-Pack Cookie Box1200-1320$3.99
12-Pack Cookie Box2400-2640$7.49

As you can see, Subway offers around 5 different cookies for customers to try. All of which are absolutely delicious and will have your taste buds going crazy.

Shareable Desserts (6-Pack)

This is basically the same as the Desserts section but is exclusively for the Cookie Boxes.

As you know, Subway themselves offers cookies not only a la carte but you can also buy them in boxes too. They offer them in either the 6-Pack or 12-Pack varieties so customers are able to load up on as much cookies as they want to eat.

And in this section, we will be showing you all the prices and calories for the 6-Pack Cookie Boxes

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Cookie Boxes (6 Count)
6-Pack Double Chocolate210$0.75
6-Pack Chocolate Chip210$0.75
6-Pack White Chip Macadamia Nut220$0.75
6-Pack Oatmeal Raisin200$0.75
6-Pack Raspberry Cheesecake210$0.75

Basically the same as the desserts section, except instead of one cookie, you’ll be able to get a pack of six.

And depending on which subway you visit, some will only offer the cookies in one flavor only while some other locations will let you pick what six cookies you want.

Either way, it’s not a bad deal for that many cookies.

Shareable Desserts (12-Pack)

Just like the previous section where we mentioned the 6-Pack Cookie Boxes, this section is for the 12-Pack Cookie Boxes.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Cookie Boxes (12 Count)
12-Pack Double Chocolate210$0.75
12-Pack Chocolate Chip210$0.75
12-Pack White Chip Macadamia Nut220$0.75
12-Pack Oatmeal Raisin200$0.75
12-Pack Raspberry Cheesecake210$0.75

Similar to that of the 6-Pack Cookie Boxes, this 12-Pack Cookie Box is basically double in size.

And just like the 6-Pack version, depending on which Subway location you visit, some may only let you pick one flavor of cookie for the box while other locations will let you have a variety.


The last section that is on the menu at Subway is the drinks. As you know, whenever you buy some food, usually you’ll always have a drink to pair along with it.

And here at Subway, they specialize in serving up Coca-Cola products as well as a few others too.

They also have a Drink dispenser in store where you can fill up your own cups with whatever drinks that you want. But if you want a drink that is in a bottle or carton, then they also have that as well.

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Coca-Cola Classic240$2.79
Dasani Water0$2.49
Gatorade Cool Blue140$2.79
Gatorade Fruit Punch140$2.79
Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch35$1.49
Simply Orange160$2.79
Vitamin Water XXX80$2.79
1% Low Fat Milk110$1.79
Gold Peak Sweet Tea170$2.79
Coke Zero Sugar0$2.79

These are the drinks that every Subway in the country will carry for sale.

Although not to be confused with the fountain drinks which we will discuss right below, but these are typically bottled drinks where you can just grab it from the fridge and pay for it.

Fountain Drinks

Menu ItemCaloriesPrice
Fountain Drinks
Diet Coke: Small0$1.99
Diet Coke: Medium0$2.29
Diet Coke: Large0$2.59
Sprite: Small230$1.99
Sprite: Medium340$2.29
Sprite: Large450$2.59
Coca-Cola Classic: Small240$1.99
Coca-Cola Classic: Medium370$2.29
Coca-Cola Classic: Large490$2.59
Hubert’s Lemonade: Small120$1.99
Hubert’s Lemonade: Medium180$2.29
Hubert’s Lemonade: Large240$2.59
Regular Coffee: 12oz0$1.69

As you can see, Subway themselves offer a variety of different drinks. Although it’s mostly Coca-Cola products, it still offers enough choices for the average customers to enjoy.

Whether you want a fountain drink where you can get unlimited refills or if you want a bottled drink as well, the choice is there for you.

History Of Subway

Subway Building

Did you know Subway was actually started way back in the 1960’s?

It’s true!

In fact, Subway was started back in 1965 by Fred DeLuca who was a student back then and wanted to find a way to help pay for his college tuition. And it was all thanks to his family friend and also Nuclear Physicist Dr. Peter Buck who together with Fred thought about the idea of opening a submarine sandwich shop.

Dr. Peter Buck then invested around $1,000 for Fred to start the endeavor and shortly after the two started a business partnership that would eventually change the world.

In fact, in a few short years after opening, their shop eventually started to get into the Franchise Business and properly changed their name to “Subway”.

A few decades later and now Subway is one of the largest fast food chains in all across the world. With over 20,000 locations and still growing, it seems Subway is on the path for an even greater success with no signs of slowing down.

How To Order At Subway

Subway Vegetable Buckets

Whenever you visit a Subway location to buy a sandwich or any other item that they serve, ordering might seem a bit confusing at first.

After all, they have a huge menu that spreads across the wall in front of you while also having a bunch of containers with different meats, vegetables and sauces all laid out properly for you to choose.

But the actual ordering process is quite easy, so here are the steps:

  • Pick what bread you want to use for your sandwich, and also what size (6-inch or 12-inch)
  • Pick what meats you want in your bread
  • Pick the type of cheese you want layered on your bread
  • Choose if you want your sandwich toasted or not toasted
  • Then pick whatever vegetables you want to put inside of your sandwich
  • Lastly add your choice of sauce and seasonings
  • Then your done~

As you can see, it’s a pretty easy process to order a sandwich from Subway.

Or you can also choose from one of the already pre-made sandwiches that they have listed on the menu and the employee will automatically make it for you.

Most Popular Items At Subway

Subway Footlong Opened Another View

As you know by reading this article that Subway themselves has a huge variety of sandwiches for you to choose from. And with so many choices, how do you know which one is good or not?

Well fear not as here are some of the most popular sandwiches that they sell

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

This is probably the most POPULAR sandwich that Subway sells. Mainly because of how delicious and flavorful it really is. For instance, it starts with the chicken itself that is tender and soft and having been marinated with a sweet teriyaki glaze. You could taste a bit of soy flavor with a good amount of sweetness.

Add on whatever cheese and vegetables you want, and it’s a really filling and delicious meal.

I would personally recommend getting the sandwich with a Multigrain Bread as in my opinion I think that pairs best with it.

Meatball Marinara Sandwich

For any Italian lovers out there, you probably have heard of this sandwich before.

Many Italian restaurants out there will carry it and it basically consists of a bread with some delicious meatballs inside of it. And Subway basically does it the same way as you are able to pick whatever bread you want and they’ll put in a generous amount of meatballs.

The meatballs themselves are extremely big and savory while also being tender too. They are then covered with a marinara sauce that has a slight tang and good acidity to help balance out the flavors.

But what makes it even more delicious is that you can top it off with cheese and when you bake it, the cheese starts to get all melted all around giving you a nice gooey sensation that is simply heavenly.

I would recommend getting the Toasted Italian Herbs & Cheese Bread to use in this sandwich.

Roast Beef Sandwich

Who doesn’t love roast beef?

And here at Subway, their roast beef sandwich is really flavorful. It’s not overly salt and has a good juicy consistency. Pair that up with some cheese and vegetables and you got a scrumptious meal right in front of you.

What Forms Of Payment Does Subway Accept

Subway Sandwich Wrapped

Subway being a major fast food company will definitely accept a variety of different forms of payment.

Whether you have cash, credit, debit or more, you definitely have a few choices.

Most of the common payment forms are definitely accepted but things like PayPal, Venmo, etc are not allowed as of this time.

Here are a list of different forms of payment that Subway accepts:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • Apple Pay
  • Subway Gift Cards
  • Vouchers

Which as you can see is a pretty good variety.

The typical average customer at Subway should be able to carry any one of these payment options with them whenever they are wanting to shop at Subway.


With that being said, Subway is a great restaurant to visit if you are looking for a quick sandwich to go eat and enjoy. It takes a few minutes to make but you’ll be out the door before you know it.

Plus, it’s relatively cheap and affordable especially if you’re using the coupons that they release all the time.

And the amount of vegetables you have inside your sandwich, it’s actually a pretty decent and healthy option to try.

So what are you waiting for? Go out to Subway and get yourself a sandwich, maybe a Footlong or more.