Subway’s Footlong Churro Review: How Does it Taste?


Subway SideKick Footlong Churro Laid Out

Subway has recently released a variety of different Footlong items called the “SideKicks”, and one of which stands out to me being the Footlong Churro.

As you know, many places have sold churros that were extremely long in length, and even Costco did so for awhile too before taking it away a little while ago. Which is why to see Subway release a Footlong Churro definitely peaked my interest.

In fact, I already tried the other varieties of Subway “SideKicks”, and honestly I wasn’t too impressed.

But I have seen many people rave about the Footlong Churro so I was definitely curious as to see what the hype was about. Not to mention that Subway has also partnered with Cinnabon to create this special item so it definitely should be worth a try.

Anyways, lets go buy the Subway’s Footlong Churro and do a review on it!

What Is Subway’s Footlong Churro

Subway SideKick Footlong Churro close Up Another Angle

Subway’s Footlong Churro was a long process in which they partnered up with Cinnabon to create this item.

According to the brand, the Footlong Churro features a churro that is basically a footlong in size and is served warm. It’s also topped with Cinnabon’s world-famous Makara cinnamon and sugar for extra flavor.

Hearing this, it definitely sounds like this is one item that will definitely taste pretty good.

I mean, who doesn’t love churros? Especially one covered in cinnamon and sugar!

Lets go buy it!

Buying Subway’s Footlong Churro

Subway SideKicks In Bag

Just like the other two times when I went to Subway to get their other varieties, this time I also went to the nearest location near my which is fortunately only five minutes away.

There were a few customers inside as I could see, and funny enough, they were also ordering the new “SideKicks” too. I could see this because I see the employees stuffing their items in the specialized Footlong SideKick bags.

Anyways, once it was my turn to order, I asked for one Footlong Churro.

Surprisingly enough, the price point before tax was only around $2 dollars, which if you ask me is absolutely amazing. Especially in this economy when most items are rising in price, a $2 dollar churro is a blessing to me.

I had to wait around 5 minutes for them to cook it, and they actually cooked it in the same oven that they use to toast their sandwiches. Not sure why, but I guess it is what it is.

Soon they handed me my Footlong Churro and I could already start smelling the delicious sugary nature that the churro was giving off.

I was excited! Lets get in on this review!

What Does Subway’s Footlong Churro Look Like

Subway Sidekicks All Three Laid Out In Bag

As you know, when you order a Subway’s Footlong from the “SideKicks” Menu, they would usually always pack it inside of the regular bag they use for all of their sandwiches.

But when you take it out of the bag, you’ll notice that it is put into another bag which is specially designed for this new occasion. Featuring both companies of Cinnabon and also Auntie Anne’s where Subway has made SideKicks for them.

It was quite the sight to see.

But once you take out the Footlong Churro from the bag, immediately you’ll notice how beautiful it looks.

Subway SideKick Footlong Churro

Perfectly browned all around and has a ton of cinnamon and sugar dusted all over it. You could literally smell the sweetness going into your nostrils the minute it laid in front of you.

Not to mention, this thing was long, like when they say a Footlong in size, they actually mean it.

And it brought back so many memories of when I use to get this at Costco which unfortunately they had to stop selling this for some unknown reason. But thankfully, Subway stepped up to the plate and released their own Footlong Churro so that customers wanting a long sweet treat can still get one.

The only thing I would say though is that this is going to be messy.

The minute you pick it up, a lot of sugar and cinnamon starts falling all over you. So you’ll have to be careful when you eat this otherwise you’ll get it all over your clothes. But enough of me nitpicking, lets see how this tastes.

What Does Subway’s Footlong Churro Taste Like

Subway SideKick Footlong Churro close Up

Grabbing the Subway’s Footlong Churro, I noticed that it didn’t break apart easily like their other variety of Sidekicks. In fact, the churro held in tact perfectly fine even when I swung it around which was great to see.

I then immediately took a huge bite.

And needless to say, I was blown away.

This was probably one of the best tasting churros I had from any fast food restaurant or store.

Subway’s Footlong Churro was perfectly warm all around while being slightly crisp on the outer edges. But hten when you get to the inside, it is soft and doughy which is perfect all around.

You could also taste a generous amount of cinnamon and sugar for the flavor. Cinnamon itself has a slight spice to it where its a bit woody and has somewhat of a slight citrus note to it. Where as the sugar added on top gave off a nice sweetness.

Subway SideKick Footlong Churro close Up Another Angle Again

It wasn’t anything overpowering but enough where each bite makes you want more and more.

The only thing I didn’t like was that after a few bites, all my clothes had cinnamon and sugar dusting all over them. Which meant I probably had to clean my clothes pretty much right after this, but it was whatever as the flavor was really good and I didn’t mind.

And honestly, for around $2 dollars you could get this entire Footlong Churro, that to me was the most surprising part. I honestly thought this was going to be around $4 to $5 dollars considering it was Subway and how they usually increase their prices a lot.

But to see it this low and have this kind of flavor and texture, it was really good.

I can definitely see myself coming back for the Footlong Churro as it is definitely worth it.

How Can Subway’s Footlong Churro Be Improved

As for how can Subway’s Footlong Churro be improved, I have to say there is probably nothing needed. Just as they serve it as is, is already really good enough.

Although if I had to nitpick and find something, I would probably say maybe add some kind of dipping sauce.

Since it’s a churro, maybe have some type of caramel, chocolate or cream type of sauce to pair with it. Obviously this would raise the price a bit, but I think customers wouldn’t mind as the pairing would definitely be such a good combination.

Either way, it was a great item and I approve Subway!

Overall Thoughts

With that being said, If you ever wanted to try a churro especially one that is a Footlong, then I definitely suggest you to try Subways. This is one of the cheapest churros you can get in fast food and being as how its only $2 dollars and is a footlong in length, that to me is a great deal.

If you got the time, do check them out as they are only going to be here for a limited time only.

Overall Rating: 8.0

What are you waiting for? Go get your Footlong Churro and enjoy it!