Subway’s Footlong Cookie Review: How Does it Taste?


Subway SideKick Footlong Cookie Laid Out Another Angle

Subway has been recently making major headlines all over the news and world because of their latest creation which is the Footlong Cookie.

Everybody all around is simply amazed by just how interesting this thing is and is taking over social media by storm. Thousands of creators all around are trying this item out and for good reason, it’s literally a cookie that is a foot long in size!

And hearing about that, you know we here at Food Senpai are definitely interested as well.

So lets go buy it and do a food review on Subway’s Footlong Cookie!

What Is Subway’s Footlong Cookie

Subway SideKick Footlong Cookie Another Angle

For those who don’t know, Subway’s Footlong Cookie is their newest creation to date as it features a cookie that is literally a foot long in length.

According to Subway, the Footlong Cookie features basically a thick, gooey cookie that is packed full of chocolate chips.

So from what it seems, it’s basically a chocolate chip cookie but elongated.

Either way, I am interested!

Buying Subway’s Footlong Cookie

Subway SideKicks In Bag

Immediately after hearing the news, I got in my car and drove to the nearest Subway. And unfortunately for me, they were completely sold out!

In fact, when I asked the employee, they said they sold out early that day because of just how viral and popular the item was.

So I had to get back in the car and drive to the next nearest Subway.

And guess what?

They were sold out too!

Was Subway’s Footlong Cookie actually that popular? I had to keep driving around to different Subways to see if they had any in stock and finally after like six different Subways, I found one that had it!

Price point for the Footlong Cookie was actually pretty decent as it was around $5 dollars before tax. Which if you think about it, for a Footlong Cookie, that is actually not a bad deal. And I noticed they bake the cookies in the exact same oven as they use for their sandwiches.

After waiting 5 minutes, my cookie came out and I was ready to go!

Lets get in on this review!

What Does Subway’s Footlong Cookie Look Like

Subway Sidekick Inside Of Bag

Looking at the item they gave me, Subway’s Footlong Cookie came in a big plastic bag that was the same bag as they use for their regular sandwiches.

Opening the bag I could see another long bag, but this time it was more interestingly designed as you could tell it was specifically made for the new Footlong items.

Taking the cookie out of its bag, I immediately got a huge whiff of a sugary sweet scent that had my stomach grumbling. The cookie itself was in a thick paper tray and you could tell they actually over cooked the cookie a bit.

Subway SideKick Footlong Cookie

Some parts were a bit darker than the others, but you could also see a good amount of chocolate chips flowing all around the cookie.

Not sure what the inside looks like, but from the outside, it literally looks like a loaf of bread except instead of bread, its a cookie!

Anyways, I was hungry to try it so lets see how it tastes.

What Does Subway’s Footlong Cookie Taste Like

Subway SideKick Footlong Cookie Closeup

Carefully taking the cookie up in my hand, I noticed it was immediately starting to bread apart. I’m not sure if its because of how it was made or how it was cooked, but it does not hold up all that well.

The cookie itself is like an inch thick which is pretty nice, but then I took a bite.

My first reaction was that the Footlong Cookie was extremely dry. Dry to the point where I literally needed some type of drink to help swallow the thing. Not only that, but it was extremely sticky too. The cookie itself started sticking all over my mouth and I could barely get it off.

This was not a good experience.

Texture wise, this Footlong Cookie from Subway was a complete mess.

However, flavor wise, I had to say it was actually not bad tasting.

Subway SideKick Footlong Cookie Laid Out

Mostly because, you definitely get that delicious cookie flavor that was sweet and has hints of brown sugar flowing around. Not only that, but there was ample amounts of chocolate chips inside the cookie which gave a nice cocoa type of flavor that wasn’t too bitter and somewhat smooth.

If you look closer at the chocolate chips, you can see that each one is perfectly melted into a gooey perfection which was nice.

But the only thing that took away from the experience was the cookie itself.

Even though the flavor was good, the texture was so bad that because of how dry and sticky it was, it made all of the flavor obsolete. You could barely even focus on the flavor when all you’re noticing was the cookie sticking on the roof of your mouth and your trying for ages to get it down.

I really wanted to like this cookie because it definitely had potential, but man that texture was just not it.

How Can Subway’s Footlong Cookie Be Improved

I’m not sure if it’s just my location in general or just how they are suppose to be made, but that texture needs to be improved.

Subway needs to find a way to make their cookie a lot more moisturized, to the point where it doesn’t stick to your mouth anymore. And also make it not as dry, which I don’t know how they made it but even though the chocolate chips were so gooey, the outer cookie was taking up all the moisture.

And I mean, at the end of the day I get it, the concept was there and it was a good idea.

But they just need to go back to the drawing board and remake that cookie.

Overall Thoughts

Subway’s Footlong Cookie was an idea that resonated with thousands of people all around the country. It was a great idea being sold at a great price point. However, the execution for making the cookie just seemed to fall short as the texture wasn’t that great. Flavor wise, it was delicious but falls to the backend from all the short comings of the cookie.

I will still recommend everyone to try this Footlong Cookie from Subway out as it might have just been my location. You never know, your location might make it way better

Overall Rating: 4.5

Either way, are you going to be trying Subway’s Footlong Cookie?