Subway’s Footlong Pretzel Review: How Does it Taste?


Subway Footlong Pretzel

Did you hear?

Subway has some new Footlong Items and one of them is the Footlong Pretzel!

So apparently Subway has partnered up with Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Company to help make this interestingly new item where you can actually get a Pretzel that is a footlong in size!

Now we tried the Footlong Cookie before, and I had to say that was a bit of a let down. But let’s see how this Footlong Pretzel tastes! Lets go buy it and do a review!

What Is Subway’s Footlong Pretzel

Subway Footlong Pretzel Closeup

For those who don’t know, Subways Footlong Pretzel is part of Subway’s new line of “SideKicks”, which are items that are specifically made to be a Footlong in size that are not sandwiches.

And Subway’s Footlong Pretzel basically reimagines Auntie Anne’s buttery and salty classic and turns it into a footlong in length while pairing it up with a side of Subway’s Honey Mustard.

All in all, it actually sounds pretty good.

I mean, who doesn’t love Pretzels, and who doesn’t want to dunk them in Honey Mustard?

Buying Subway’s Footlong Pretzel

Subway SideKicks In Bag

Now a few days has past since the debut of these new Footlong SideKick items, so I am hoping that most Subways in my area will have this item in stock.

After all, I remember driving all around for the cookie and that was tiring, but hopefully the pretzel does much better.

Anyways, I went to my nearest Subway and saw that there was no customers inside. I also noticed that the windows around all had the SideKicks advertised to people which meant that this place probably had some in stock for people to buy.

I went up to the employee and asked for one Subway Footlong Pretzel, and to my surprise, they actually did have it in stock!

I happily paid for my Footlong Pretzel, and price point before tax is around $3 dollars which is actually a phenomenal price for a footlong pretzel.

After paying, I had to wait around 5 minutes for my Footlong Pretzel to be heated up in the same oven as the sandwiches. But soon enough, they wrapped it up for me and I was on my way.

Lets get in on this review!

What Does Subway’s Footlong Pretzel Look Like

Subway SideKicks Churro In Bag

Just like any of the other Subway SideKick items, the Footlong Pretzel comes packaged in the regular Sandwich Bag that they would use for any of their sandwiches.

Taking it out, you can see a custom designed paper bag that showcases the partnerships that Subway has been doing for these SideKicks. You got Auntie Anne’s and also Cinnabon displayed all over which I thought was pretty cool to see.

Anyways, taking out the Subway’s Footlong Pretzel, I noticed that it was literally a Pretzel just elongated into a straight line.

Subway Footlong Pretzel With Sauce

It does look pretty tasty although one thing I noticed was that it barely had any salt sprinkled onto it.

I’m not sure if that will effect the flavor but either way, they did pair it up with a side of Honey Mustard. And in my opinion, I think they should have gave a bit more Honey Mustard because that little cup would not be enough to dip this entire Footlong Pretzel in.

But hopefully it tastes good, so lets go try it!

What Does Subway’s Footlong Pretzel Taste Like

Subway Footlong Pretzel Closeup Another Angle

Picking up the Subway’s Footlong Pretzel, I noticed that it was very soft.

Soft to the point where once I picked it up, it started to break in half from the middle which tells me that they didn’t really make this all that good.

I then took a bite into it and was completely confused.

I was looking at a pretzel, I was holding a pretzel, but I am not tasting any pretzel.

In fact, in my earlier statements, I said that there was barely any salt crystals sprinkled onto the pretzel. And sure enough, that definitely made a difference.

Subway Footlong Pretzel Closeup

When I’m tasting the Footlong Pretzel from Subway, I noticed it was literally a plain tasting bread flavor. There was no pretzel flavor anywhere to be found. there was no ounce of crisp anywhere around the outer edge and it was extremely soft all around.

You know how when you bite into a pretzel, you would usually get a strong cracker type of flavor that is salty all around. That does not happen with this Footlong Pretzel. The cracker flavor in this Footlong Pretzel was so barely noticeable, if you weren’t looking for it, you would not notice it.

Not only that, but because of how little salt crystals were on this Footlong Pretzel, there was no savory or salty sensations. It just felt like biting into a plain bread.

Subway Footlong Pretzel Closeup With Honey Mustard Sauce

However, I then remembered that they paired this up with Honey Mustard.

So I dipped it in some Honey Mustard and sure enough, that definitely helped out a bit. Not much, but it helped. The Honey Mustard helped give it a nice tangy sensation that was a bit sweet and creamy with a slight kick. It was a good pairing.

But it just felt like I was eating regular bread with Honey Mustard.

If they somehow gave the Footlong Pretzel more salt crystals or even more flavor, then this would be an item I can definitely see people buying in masses.

How Can Subway’s Footlong Pretzel Be Improved

Subway’s Footlong Pretzel was a good idea and also a great partnership with Auntie Anne’s. However the execution definitely needed a little help.

If it’s going to be called a Footlong Pretzel, then it definitely needs to have that Pretzel flavor and taste.

In my opinion, I think this item definitely needs more salt crystals added onto it and also give it more of a cracker type of flavor. Maybe make the outer edges a bit crisp as well? Basically everything a regular pretzel has but in a footlong shape.

Love the Honey Mustard though, but just need to work on the actual pretzel itself.

Overall Thoughts

With that being said, Subway’s Footlong Pretzel is just okay. At this point in time, it just feels like a regular bread stick that is paired with Honey Mustard. But I mean, for only around $3 dollars, this is an amazing deal even if it doesn’t exactly taste like pretzel.

After all, you do get an entire piece of Bread “Pretzel” stick that is a footlong and is filling.

Either way, if you are a fan of Auntie Anne’s or Subway and just want to try this out, I do encourage it.

At this price point, it’s worth a visit.

Overall Rating: 6.5

Would you call this a Bread Stick or a Pretzel Stick? Let us know!