Taco Bell Debuting New Vegan Nacho Sauce Starting On October 12, 2023


Taco Bell Debuting Vegan Nacho Sauce On October 12, 2023

Taco Bell has just announced that they are debuting a new Vegan Nacho Sauce for people to try and pair with many of its items.

According to Taco Bell, the new Vegan Nacho Sauce is said to pair especially well with the brand’s popular Nacho Fries that have been brought back recently.

For those that remember, the Vegan Nacho Sauce actually made an appearance earlier this year as part of a test item which appeared in the Vegan Crunchwrap back around June. And it was so well received that Taco Bell fans wanted more and more, so Taco Bell themselves knew that they had to bring it out to the masses to enjoy.

From what we understand, customers can enjoy the Nacho Fries with the Vegan Nacho Sauce in two different sizes. One being the regular size which comes at a price of around $2.19, while the new large version will be sold for $2.99.

You can try the new Vegan Nacho Sauce at all participating Taco Bell locations nationwide starting on October 12, 2023.

Image via Taco Bell