Taco Bell Testing New Tajin Items In Orange County, California


Taco Bell Testing New Tajin Items In Orange County, California

Taco Bell has just announced that they are partnering up with mega giant Tajin to help create a variety of different products that offers an abundance of flavor. Filled with both tangy and spicy sensations, some of the items include the Tajin Crunchy Taco, Tajin Twists, and also a Tajin Strawberry Freeze.

All the new items are currently being tested in one location only being in Orange County, California. Customers wanting to try them out will need to either live in or around the city or be able to visit it for a limited time only until March 6, 2024.

As you know, Tajin is famously known to have a blend of mild chili peppers that is mixed with lime and sea salt seasonings to offer a great flavorful bite. And with this partnership, Taco Bell is utilizing the new flavors in hopes to attract more customers.

Here is a description of all the new Tajin items from Taco Bell being tested:

  • Tajin Crunchy Taco: Features a crunchy corn shell that is seasoned with a special Tajin Clasico. It is also paired with some seasoned beef, ranch sauce, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese and also a mango salsa.
  • Tajin Twists: Features the classic crispy puffed corn twists that are covered with a generous amount of bold Tajin seasonings.
  • Tajin Strawberry Freeze: Features a delicious Wild Strawberry Freeze that has real mango pieces inside it as well as Tajin Chamoy sauce.

Note: Each menu item will also include a Tajin Packet for an added customizable experience.

Currently, there is only one known location serving these test items and it is at 2222 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, California 92606.

Now as far as the price goes, currently Taco Bell has listed the new items at a suggested price of around $2.89 for the Tajin Crunchy Taco, $1.29 for the Tajin Twists, and also $3.59 for the Tajin Strawberry Freeze. (Price may vary depending on location)

Fans wanting to get their hands on the new Tajin items from Taco Bell like the Tajin Crunchy Taco, Tajin Twists or even the Tajin Strawberry Freeze can do so by simply visiting the only testing location listed above in Orange County, California from now until March 6, 2024.

Image via Taco Bell