Taco Bell Tests New Chile Crisp Chicken Strips and Chile Crisp Chicken Tacos In Newport Beach, California


Taco Bell Chile Crisp Chicken Pics

Taco Bell has just announced today that they are testing the new Chile Crisp Chicken Strips and new Chile Crisp Chicken Tacos in Southern California.

Now even though it is being tested in Southern California, there is actually only one location that is doing the test. And that location is in Newport Beach, California, where the test will go on for one week long or until supplies last starting on August 15, 2023.

The exact location for those wondering is located at 4101 Jamboree Road.

According to Taco Bell, it is described as a breaded chicken meat cooked in a “sweet, spicy, and citrusy sauce” made from a mix of guajillo, ancho and Anaheim peppers as well as some garlic and lime for flavor.

Here is a description of the items:

  • Chile Crisp Chicken Strips – Features three pieces of chicken layered with the signature Chile Crisp Sauce, paired with a side of spicy ranch for dipping.
  • Chile Crisp Chicken Tacos – Features a crispy chickens trip smothered in the signature Chile Crisp Sauce, topped with spicy ranch, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese all bundled in a warm flour tortilla. You get two tacos per order.

From what Taco Bell is saying, both these items will be listed at the suggested price of $4.99.

As for what the signature Chile Crisp Sauce is, it is described as a sweet, spicy, and citrusy sauce packed with flavorful bits of guajillo, ancho and anaheim peppers, garlic, lime and other hints of aromatics.

Fans of Taco Bell wanting to try both the new Chile Crisp Chicken Strips or the new Chile Crisp Chicken Tacos can do so by visiting the only Taco Bell that sells it (4101 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach, California) starting on August 15 and will last for one week or until supplies run out.

Image via Taco Bell