Taco Cabana Debuts New Chilaquiles Bowls For 2024



Taco Cabana has just announced that they are adding onto their menu with a brand new item being the Chilaquiles Bowls for everyone to try.

The new item will officially arrive on the menu starting today and can be found at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time only.

And according to the brand, they will be offering two different versions: Chilaquiles with Ranchero Sauce or the Chilaquiles with Green Sauce.

The new Chilaquiles Bowls will feature crispy tortilla strips that are crowned together and has scrambled eggs and your choice of ranchero or green sauce added in. It’s also paired up with some sour cream and dusted with cotija cheese.

Now as far as the price goes, currently Taco Cabana is offering both versions at a suggested price of around $5.79. (Price may vary by location)

Fans wanting to get their hands on the new Chilaquiles Bowls can do so by simply visiting any participating location nationwide for a limited time only starting today.

Image via Taco Cabana