The Habit Debuts New $6 Grown Up Meal For Limited Time Only


The Habit Debuts New $6 Grown Up Meal For Limited Time Only

The Habit has just announced that they are going to try to help adults nationwide by offering them a $6 Grown-Up Meal so that they can save some money while eating a filling portion.

The new meal is officially going to be added to the menu starting today and can be found at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time only.

Reason For Doing This

In a recent study that showed around 75% of Americans actually support the idea of adults ordering straight from the kid’s menus to save money. But a good amount have even said that they feel too embarrased to do so. Where as only around 20% of adults actually do order from the kid’s menu themselves.

Because of this, Jack Hinchliffe, Chief Marketing Officer at Habit Burger, remarks, “We’ve spotted a trend: Savvy adults covertly ordering off the kids’ menu to manage expenses. But why the hush-hush? We say, own it! That’s why we’re flipping the script by allowing grownups to experience kids’ meals, offering the savings of a kid’s meal without compromising on portion size. It’s guilt-free savings and grown-up-sized food. Why should kids have all the fun?”

And starting March 13, 2024 (Today), The Habit will officially introduce the Grown-Up Meal, which features a full-sized Charbnurger, small fries, a regular drink and also a added addition of some mini gummy burgers. All of which is only priced at $6 dollars.

With this being the case, even though the price point is fairly low, the brand maintains that they items will be up to high-quality standards which is synonymous with the Habit Burger brand. In fact, Jack Hinchliffe highlighted the brand’s commitment to delivering fresh, chargrilled food at affordable, everyday value, emphasizing the importance of a satisfying dining experience shared with friends or family.

Fans wanting to get their hands on the new $6 Grown-Up Meal can do so by simply visiting any participating location nationwide starting today to enjoy it for a limited time only.

Image via The Habit