Wendy’s Brings Back Vanilla Frosty For Winter 2024


Wendy's Brings Back Vanilla Frosty For Winter 2024

Wendy’s has just announced that they are celebrating the new year of 2024 by bringing back a popular item being the Vanilla Frosty for everyone to try.

The returning item officially debuts on the menu starting today and can be found at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time only.

Wendy’s returning Vanilla Frosty features a frozen dessert that is made from a blend of real cream, vanilla flavoring as well as fresh milk.

As far as the price goes, it will depend on what size of a Vanilla Frosty that you get. Customers are able to get it in either the Jr. Vanilla Frosty Size, Regular Vanilla Frosty Size, Medium Vanilla Frosty Size and also the Large Vanilla Frosty Size. Prices will typically range between $1.69 for the smallest and go as high up as $3.59 for the largest.

Fans wanting to get their hands on the returning Vanilla Frosty can do so by visiting any participating location nationwide for a limited time only starting today.

Image via Wendy’s