Wendy’s Teams Up With DoorDash To Offer $12 Off Orders Of $20 Or More On October 21, 2023


Wendy’s Offers $12 Off DoorDash Orders Of $20 Or More On October 21, 2023

Wendy’s has just announced that they are partnering up with DoorDash to offer customers a chance to get $12 off their orders of $20 or more on October 21, 2023.

Now the offer is exclusively available to DoorPass members only when using the DoorDash App.

The new promotion will run specifically on October 21, 2023 during the hours of Breakfast and run all the way until 11:59pm PDT or until the offer has reached its limit of use.

Basically, here is how the offer works:

  • During the day of October 21, 2023, DashPass members can simply open the DoorDash app and head to the Wendy’s storefront area.
  • Then you’ll simply add all your items that you want to buy while hitting the minimum order of $20 so that you can be eligible for the discount.
  • Proceed to the checkout and the $12 off coupon will automatically be applied to your order.

Fans wanting to take advantage of this deal will need to be apart of DoorPass on DoorDash and order over $20 worth of food on Wendy’s on October 21, 2023 to get this deal.

Image via Wendy’s