What Are Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets?


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What Are Wendy's Family Sized Nuggets

Fast Food Chicken Nuggets are all the rage right now. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and most of the time, they are also super cheap and affordable. Now you might have your personal preference as to which Fast Food location you want to get your nuggets from, but in my opinion, I think Wendy’s has some of the best nuggets you can ever get. Especially with their Family Size Nuggets.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Family Size Nuggets”?

What in the heck is that?

Well fortunately for you, Family Size Nuggets are probably one of the few items in fast food where you’ll barely hear anybody talking about it.

What is a Family Size Nugget? How big is a Family Size Nugget? How much does a Family Size Nugget cost?

These might be some of the questions you might be thinking to yourself right now, but fear not!

For we are going to go in depths and tell you all you need to know about Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets.

What Is A Family Size Nugget?

First of all, Family Size Nuggets is basically a term referring to Wendy’s popular Chicken Nuggets, but in the largest size possible.

As you know, Wendy’s, which is a Fast Food restaurant, specializes in serving a variety of different things.

From burgers to sandwiches to drinks and more, but one of their most popular items ever is the Chicken Nugget.

And at Wendy’s, you can get the Chicken Nuggets in a few different ways.

For instance, Wendy’s offers both the Classic and Spicy versions of the Chicken Nuggets.

And depending on what your preference is, they come in different sizes too. Currently, customers can get the Chicken Nuggets in either a 4 piece, 8 piece, or 20 piece count sizes.

Now you might think that’s a lot, but there is actually a more larger size available that is not announced to the public. It’s part of their Secret Menu where only customers who know about it will be able to order. And that is the Family Size Nugget.

Wendy's Family Size Nuggets

How Big Is Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets?

Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets, which are also called the 50 Piece Nugget Box, is a special item that Wendy’s serves and it’s basically a Giant container filled with 50 pieces of Chicken Nuggets.

As you know, Wendy’s serves on their menu the 4 piece, 8 piece, and 20 piece sizes for the nuggets.

But the 50 Piece Nuggets or Family Size Nuggets, is more than double the amount of the current largest size on the menu being offered which is the 20 piece count of Chicken Nuggets.

It’s a huge box that is able to fill many peoples bellies up and have them full for quite a while.

And because of how large it is, it’s not really being offered at most locations.

You’ll actually have to call them up or visit them and ask if they even carry it, as to my knowledge, only certain places will have them in stock.

What Is Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets Made From?

Just like any other nuggets, Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets is made from premium white meat chicken.

In fact, here is the description straight from their website:

  • Wendy’s Chicken Nugget: Features a chicken fillet lightly breaded for a crispy outer, then fried to seal in the juicy goodness.
  • Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nugget: Features a white-meat chicken breaded and marinated in a unique, fiery blend of peppers and spices.

And in my opinion, they taste extremely good, especially the Spicy Chicken Nuggets.

When your eating it, they have a great crisp on the outside, juicy and tender meat on the inside, while also being a bit bouncy. Plus the seasonings they use help elevate it to a higher level with so much flavor.

Definitely one of the best Chicken Nuggets in Fast Food.

How Much Do Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets Cost?

Funny enough, the Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets are probably one of the best deals you can ever get.

Most places will charge an arm and a leg for just a few nuggets, but Wendy’s actually gives you a really good deal.

Currently, for their Chicken Nugget Prices, it is listed as $2.29 for the 4 piece, $2.89 for the 6 piece, and $4.99 for the 10 piece. (Price may vary by location).

However, for the gigantic Family Size Nuggets from Wendy’s, it is only being listed at $9.99. Although it may have increased now as inflation is happening all around us right now. But it should still be pretty cheap.

This is an amazing deal as you’ll get a whole bunch of Chicken Nuggets at a really low price.

So if you’re ever in the mood for Chicken Nuggets and you want to feed your entire family, you might just want to consider getting the Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets (50 Piece Nugget Box).

How To Order Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets?

Like we mentioned above, ordering Wendy’s Family Size Nuggets is not really an easy task.

The reason being is that not all locations sell this item.

I think it’s different depending on whoever owns the establishment, but many locations simply don’t want to offer this deal.

However, if you really do want to order the Family Size Nuggets, then you’ll have to call up your local Wendy’s and ask them if they carry it. You may have to call a few different locations, and hopefully you’ll get lucky.

Wendy's Chicken Nuggets

Overall Thoughts

At the end of the day, the Family Size Nuggets from Wendy’s is an absolute great deal.

The only shame is that not all locations will carry them, but if you do find one that has it, you’ll want to treat them extra nice as that is one deal that is worth getting.

So next time your in the mood for some delicious Chicken Nuggets, try to hit up Wendy’s and see if your location carries them or not. I guarantee if they do, you will be impressed.