What Cheese Does Chipotle Use? Bowls, Burritos And More


Chipotle Cheese Opened

If you ever gone to Chipotle, you would probably have seen that they have huge amounts of cheese all shredded in their tubs. And that cheese is absolutely delicious! Most if not all customers who go visit Chipotle will add handfuls of cheese into their bowls, burritos and more. But what cheese does Chipotle actually use?

After all, whatever cheese it is, it is so flavorful and delicious.

It literally goes great with everything.

Fortunately for you, the cheese that Chipotle uses is actually not a secret as many people all around have known what it is made from. Heck, even Chipotle themselves has listed the details and ingredients on their own website.

So if you’re wanting to know what kind of cheese that Chipotle uses, then don’t worry. Here in this article we’ll go into a deep dive and explore everything about the cheese that Chipotle uses. Let’s get started!

What Kind Of Cheese Does Chipotle Use?

Chipotle Monterey Cheese In Box

Chipotle is known for having some of the highest quality ingredients that you can get in fast food. And their cheese is no different. After all, Chipotle actually uses a very popular cheese that many customers love being the Monterey Jack Cheese.

Yes, you heard that right!

Chipotle uses Monterey Jack cheese for their items.

Customers who go order from Chipotle will usually see a huge tub of shredded Monterey Jack Cheese sitting right in front of them ready to be used in their bowls, burritos and more.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In fact, many years ago Chipotle actually used a blend of two different cheeses being Monterey Jack Cheese and also White Cheddar. They actually use to use both of these cheeses and shred them into tiny pieces and put them in the customers orders.

However, sometime in 2015 or 2016, things changed and they stopped serving White Cheddar.

So now Chipotle only serves and uses Monterey Jack Cheese. Which is actually great because it’s probably one of the best tasting cheese out there at the moment.

How Much Does Chipotle Cheese Cost?

Chipotle Tacos With Cheese Presented Nicely

Typically when your ordering your items, majority of the options you get to choose from will be free to add into your meal. For instance, Pico de Gallo, Lettuce, Rice, Beans and more are all free to add. This also includes the popular Monterey Jack Cheese which is also free to add.

So it doesn’t matter whether or not you get a burrito, bowl, quesadilla or more, the cheese will be free to add on to your item.

However, depending on how many extra cheese or items you want, then it may cost some money. Although this depends on the location as some locations will give you as many cheese side cups that you want. But there are a few around the country that will charge you for an extra side of cheese.

And when they do charge, it can actually be pretty expensive.

For instance, some stores when being requested for extra cheese will typically charge you around $1.40. This price is basically just for paying for an extra “side”. Which as you can see, is kind of absurd as the side cup itself is really small and has barely a pinch of cheese inside it. You could probably go to the local store and get some Monterey Jack Cheese for that same price and you’ll get more in volume.

So it all basically depends on which location of Chipotle that you actually visit.

Some where give you endless amounts of free cheese where as some will charge you for each additional side cheese cup or scoop that you get. And at $1.40 per side, that can add up pretty quick.

What Items Can You Get Cheese On At Chipotle?

Chipotle Tacos With Cheese Closeup Another Angle

If you ever been to a Chipotle before, you’ll know that it’s basically like an assembly line. You start on one end of the room and move along slowly to the other side while telling the employees what you want added into your food.

Being as how that is, you can basically get anything you want added into whatever item you want.

As you know, Chipotle themselves specializes in serving up Burritos, Burrito Bowls, Lifestyle Bowls, Quesadilla, Salads, Tacos, Kid’s Meals and even Chips.

All of which can have any item added to them and that includes the popular Monterey Jack Cheese.

Although some items do have an extra charge when you’re wanting to add it like the Guacamole or Queso, but typically majority of the other items are free to add in your meal.

What Does The Cheese At Chipotle Taste Like?

Chipotle Putting Cheese On Tacos

The cheese that Chipotle uses is the Monterey Jack Cheese. Being as how that is, you can expect a good quality and flavorful cheese when eating it.

For instance, Monterey Jack Cheese itself is slightly buttery in nature and has a mild flavor. But when you’re eating it, you’ll notice that it isn’t a dry cheese and has somewhat of a slight moisture with a good amount of fatty sensations.

And depending on what items you get it with, it can elevate it immensely.

For instance, if you get it in the burrito or bowl where the meat is still piping hot, it’ll actually melt the Monterey Jack Cheese and gives it that gooey sensation that you love. This is because Monterey Jack has an amazing melting property and is commonly used in many Mexican cuisines.

It’s a great cheese to use and if you’re going to be ordering at Chipotle, then definitely get the Monterey Jack Cheese in your dishes.


With that being said, the cheese that Chipotle uses is probably one of the best in the business. Wherever they source the Monterey Jack from, it definitely tastes like a really good quality cheese and is ever so flavorful. No wonder everyone is wondering what kind of cheese it is, because it literally is that good.

So long story short, the cheese that Chipotle uses for their foods is the Monterey Jack Cheese.

Now that you know, why not go back to Chipotle and order some food? This time, make sure to get even more of that delicious cheese on your items so you can have maximum flavor!