What Does “Deluxe” Mean At Subway?


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Subway Building

Have you ever wondered what does a “Deluxe” mean at Subway? After all, Subway is one of the most famous restaurant chains in the world and they have a variety of different lingo that people need to learn.

Ordering a sandwich, a salad, or a wrap at Subway can be a complicated endeavor. It can feel, sometimes, like the signs, menus, and infinite options in front of you are all designed to contradict and overlap each other! In the end, you might end up with a final sandwich that doesn’t quite represent what you want, since all the options in front of you have given you some level of decision paralysis.

Well, we’re here today to help to demystify the world of Subway subs and talk about what one of the more complex options actually represents, when you’re assembling a sandwich. 

The “Deluxe” Subway Sandwich!

What does Subway make?

Subway Menu

Subway makes a whole range of different items. Of course, they’re most famous for sandwiches that one would measure in inches, which can be quite a novelty for a number of people! These sandwiches features exceptionally soft bread, one of Subway’s calling cards, and a range of utterly customizable toppings. Should you want to order exclusively onions on your sandwich, you’re more than welcome to.

We might think you’re a bit odd, though.

Subway also produces a number of different items that might be suitable for a quick lunch, most notably tortilla wraps, salads and in some places even pizza. This means that there’s a range of tasty items that you can get involved with – ideal for any hungry person!

How can you change your Subway order?

Your subway order can be changed in a whole host of ways! It can be added to or detracted from to no end, starting with the bread and protein choices, and ending with the veggies and sauces.

The most famous distinction that you can make in the sandwich you’re creating is the biggest one – you can choose to have a sandwich be six inches long, or twelve inches long. Yes, a whole foot!

This means that a number of the tasty items on offer within the Subway menu are adjustable to be a reasonably-sized sandwich that might fill you up for a quick lunch, as well as building up to a very large size indeed. On top of that, you can double-up with the meat and cheese on your sandwich, and go for the maximum amount of veggies possible. Together, these items will create a sumptuous and rich sandwich sure to bring some joy to your belly.

Not long ago, though, Subway introduced a couple of new options for their subs. Some of these are fairly simple and obvious, such as adding bacon for a small extra charge. There are others that are less obvious, though, such as the one that’s the main focus of this article – making your sub a deluxe sub!

Now, that certainly sounds like something that a hungry foodie might want to do, but what does it actually represent? Well, never fear, we’re here to tell you!

What does ‘deluxe’ mean?

Subway Sandwich Deluxe Opened

A deluxe style sandwich means that you’re getting a sandwich that’s more luxurious than other sandwiches on offer. As such, it means you’re getting some more of the most expensive item within your sandwich – the protein.

To make a sandwich deluxe is to add an extra 50% of the meat to the sandwich. For example, if your six-inch sub had four pieces of ham on it, then making it deluxe would add an extra two pieces of ham – getting you a total of six pieces of ham and a tasty, filling sandwich.

The main benefit of this is the satiety that it might give you – some added calories can help to fill your belly up quickly when you might be in a hurry, and different pieces of meat might ensure that you can add extra pockets of flavor into your sub.

Really, opting for a deluxe meat sandwich will ensure that you’re essentially getting a halfway point between a sandwich with the regular amount of meat on it, and a sandwich with double meat. The end result is simple – filling and yet cheaper than a super huge sandwich.

You can also make a footlong sandwich deluxe, if that might be something you’re interested in – this will let you add 50% extra meat to your footlong sandwich, netting you rather a lot of food all in one sub. The footlong deluxe will set you back $1.50, while the 6-inch deluxe option will set you back $0.75. Considering how much extra you’re getting on these sandwiches, that’s quite a great deal!

Do keep in mind, prices may vary depending on location.

Is The “Deluxe” Worth It At Subway?

Subway Sandwich Regular Meat Opened

Well, this really depends upon what you might be doing with the rest of your day. Adding more protein to a meal will, invariably, make it more filling.

If you haven’t got very much to do with the rest of your day, then this may well result in a post-lunch nap. If that sounds utterly wonderful to you, as it does to me, then you feel free to do it – I wouldn’t want to deprive you of a sandwich nap.

If you have got a lot to do, it might give you some more energy, and ensure that there’s quite a while, for you, between meals. In the end, you’ll have a bit more energy with which to do things in the afternoon, followed by some more time before you have to step away from your tasks to make dinner. That’s kind of a double-win!

However, it might not be worth doing if you’re quite a health-conscious person. The amount of added salt and sodium in the sub that you create could weigh on your mind. If that’s the case, we might suggest that you get plenty of extra veggies on your sub – the staff at Subway will be happy to add some extra lettuce or something similar to your sandwich. After all, they’ve got a big tub full of it!


I hope that this sandwich of an article has helped you to learn a little bit more about the sandwich offerings at Subway. There’s a lot that you can get while you’re there, so it’s certainly worth considering the deluxe option for your next sub!