What Is Carnitas At Chipotle? How Does It Taste?


Chipotle Carnitas Bowl Opened With Carnitas in Fork

If you ever looked at the menu before at Chipotle, then you’ll realize that they actually have quite a few different varieties of proteins to choose from. But one of which stands out and that is the Carnitas.

After all, what is Carnitas at Chipotle?

It’s actually pretty common for customers to ask this question as typically we aren’t familiar with this kind of meat.

But it’s actually pretty well known outside of the USA, especially in places like Mexico and other parts of South America.

And to see it being added onto Chipotle’s menu definitely got a lot of people curious about it.

Which is why, if you’re ever wondering exactly what are Carnitas as well as how it tastes, then you’re in the right place! Here in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about Chipotle’s Carnitas so that next time you visit, you will know exactly what it is.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

What Is Carnitas At Chipotle

Chipotle Carnitas Tacos Opened

Carnitas are in fact one of the most popular protein choices to get at Chipotle. Mainly because, it’s a traditional Mexican dish that many people are familiar with.

For those who don’t know, Carnitas is basically a slow-cooked pork dish that is simmered for long hours until it becomes incredibly tender and moist.

Have you heard of pulled pork before?

It’s basically the Mexican version of it!

And here at Chipotle, the way they cook their Carnitas is absolutely amazing because when the meat is being simmered, it is paired with a variety of seasonings and spices which helps give it so much flavor in each and every bite.

Best part about it is that it goes perfectly well with so many items.

Whether you get it in a burrito, bowl, salad or more, any item you decide to pair with the Carnitas will deliver a strong flavorful bite that you will absolutely love.

How Much Does Carnitas Cost At Chipotle

Chipotle Barbacoa Bowl

Now if you’re wondering about how much Carnitas is going to cost you at Chipotle, then you’ll have to realize that it actually depends. Mostly because, the main factor for the price is dependent on what type of item you are going to get.

After all, Chipotle specializes in serving a variety of different things.

Whether you get a bowl, burrito, salad, quesadilla or more, the prices will range for each and every one.

Here is a list of prices that the Carnitas is going to cost you per item:

  • Burrito: $9.55
  • Burrito Bowl: $9.55
  • Quesadilla: $10.10
  • Salad: $9.55
  • Tacos: $3.45 for One Taco, $9.55 for Three Tacos
  • Kids Build Your Own: $5.50
  • Kids Quesadilla: $4.90

As you can see, depending on which particular item you decide to get, the price of it will vary.

And not only that, customers also have the option of adding double protein, triple protein or however many scoops that they want. And depending on the size, that will also factor in to the price at the end.

But for the most part, it’s actually not that bad of a price point considering how long and tiring it is to actually cook the Carnitas.

So if you factor it all together, it’s a pretty decent price point to enjoy.

What Does Carnitas Taste Like At Chipotle

Chipotle Carnitas Bowl Opened To Show Meat

If you never tried Carnitas before, especially the ones from Chipotle, then you are in for a world of flavor.

The way Chipotle makes their Carnitas, actually makes them one of the best tasting proteins that they have to offer.

Texture wise, it’s similar to a pulled pork, where you have strands of pork pulled into tiny shreds. Each piece being so tender and soft while also being moist as well.

But what makes the Carnitas so special is the flavor.

The way these things are simmered and cooked for so long, it actually takes in and absorbs all the seasonings and spices that goes into the pot. You can definitely taste like bay leaves, thyme, juniper berries and so much more.

It has a subtle pork flavor that is also a bit fruity as well, although very slightly. If you weren’t looking for the fruity sensation then you probably wouldn’t even notice it.

The Carnitas from Chipotle is the ultimate Savory and Sweet mix that will make anybody fall in love with it.

Are Carnitas Worth It At Chipotle

Chipotle Carnitas Tacos Opened

If you’re still on the fence about getting Carnitas at Chipotle and are wondering if they are worth it or not, then the answer is simply yes.

Out of all of their proteins that they have to use, Carnitas are probably one of the most flavorful choices that you can choose from.

Especially if you like pork, then it’s a no brainer.

Each and every bite you get shreds of delicious pork meat flowing in your mouth while being a bit sweet and savory, it’s the best way to enjoy your meal. And when you pair it up with the other ingredients like some rice, beans, pico, queso and anything else you want. You can literally make the ultimate flavorful bite all in one item.

The only problem is, is that Chipotle tends to run out of meat pretty fast. And this is especially true for the Carnitas, which means if you go during peak hours, then you might not be able to get any. Or you might have to wait awhile till they cook some more.

But that’s a good thing to have as it just shows how popular and delicious these Carnitas meat from Chipotle really is.

So to answer your question, Yes, Carnitas are definitely worth it at Chipotle. In fact, if you’re able to, get a double scoop portion of it or maybe even go for three portions. It is absolutely delightful.

Overall Thoughts

Chipotle Carnitas Bowl Opened With Carnitas in Fork

So with that being said, Chipotle’s Carnitas are truly one of the best proteins that you can ever choose from. Having been cooked and simmered for so long in a pot full of spices and seasonings, you can tell that this is one item that will deliver in the flavor aspect.

Which is why, hopefully after reading this article, you will now know exactly what are Carnitas at Chipotle as well as how much they cost and also what they taste like.

This way, the next time you decide to visit a Chipotle, you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into. And if you want, you can also finally try out the Carnitas for yourself. You will truly then see why everyone loves eating this protein.

Definitely one of the best items that Chipotle has created.