What Is KFC Sauce And How Does It Taste?


KFC Sauce

If you ever been to KFC, then you’ll know that they carry a wide range of sauces. Some of which includes Barbecue, Ranch, Buffalo and more. But they have one special sauce called the KFC Sauce that many people have been wondering about. What is KFC Sauce? How does it taste?

After all, having a sauce named after the company itself must mean that its the real deal right?

Does it have a creamy sensation or is it a wet sauce? Does it have heat or is it sweet? Whatever the case may be, the KFC Sauce is definitely one of the most interesting things to come out of KFC.

And if you ever been wondering what exactly is KFC Sauce as well as how it tastes and how much it costs then you’re in the right place. Here in this article we will be taking a deep dive into KFC and figuring out everything there is to know about the signature KFC Sauce.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

What Is KFC Sauce?

KFC Sauce Close Up

Back in October 12, 2020, KFC released a new kind of sauce called the KFC Sauce. This sauce was going to be the new signature sauce at KFC. Being as how this is, many customers from all around have been wanting to try it because if you’re gonna put your name on the sauce itself then it must be really good to try.

When looking at the KFC Sauce, you can see that the container itself has a nice branding with the iconic Colonel Sanders face on the side and the words “KFC Sauce” in big bold red letters.

Opening up the sauce you can see that it’s an orange colored type of sauce, which makes you think it’s probably a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise. Which honestly speaking they probably did use those two ingredients in making it as well as pairing it up with other ingredients too.

Here is a quote from Andrew Zahumensky, chief marketing officer at KFC United States “When we set out to create a new signature dipping sauce, we went right to the experts – our customers – to find out what made a sauce best-in-class for dipping.” “We went through 50 iterations, and their response to this recipe was overwhelming!”

And according to the brand, the new KFC Sauce is suppose to be a mix of tangy and sweet with a slight smokiness to elevate any and all foods that you pair with it.

How Much Does KFC Sauce Cost?

KFC Sauce Close Up Opened

If you’re wanting to buy KFC Sauce, then you’ll be happy to know that it is usually free whenever you buy any one of KFC’s menu items. For instance, if you get a Chicken Sandwich, Secret Recipe Fries, Chicken Tenders or more, the employees will usually ask you what sauce you want and you can just request KFC Sauce. They will usually put a few KFC Sauce containers in your bag for you to use.

But if you’re just wanting to buy the KFC Sauce by itself then you’ll have to pay some money. Although it’s nothing too expensive as each KFC Sauce container is being sold for around $0.30 cents. Price may vary depending on where you live, but it’s usually around a that price or a few cents higher or lower.

Which as you can see, buying KFC Sauce is actually pretty affordable and in most cases free if you just buy some food at KFC. Now if you’re wanting to buy a whole bottle of KFC Sauce, then you’re probably out of luck as KFC has not decided to sell the sauce in big containers yet.

So as of now, you’ll have to settle for the small dipping containers if you want a KFC Sauce.

What Does KFC Sauce Taste Like?

KFC Sauce Close Up Opened With Fries

KFC Sauce in my opinion is one of the best tasting sauces you can ever try. Especially at KFC, it is easily the best sauce that they carry. Just the amount of depths and flavor coming through with each bite really makes it shine.

For instance, the sauce itself is a thick sauce but when you’re eating it, it gives off a very creamy sensation.

You’ll also notice that the flavor profile is more sweet than savory and also has a good tang that will make you smile. There is a hint of smokiness but nothing too extravagant, but once you pair it up with your food that is where it will start working its magic.

As you know, KFC Foods are usually on the savory side, but when you pair it up with the KFC Sauce, it will become a mix of sweet and savory that works wonders in your mouth.

Honestly it’s a simple sauce in general with nothing too complicated happening around, but what KFC has done was that they took this simple sauce and mastered it in a way where all the flavors come out at you at once.

What Items Pair Best With KFC Sauce?

KFC Fries With KFC Sauce

According to KFC themselves, the KFC Sauce is best paired with KFC’s Extra Crispy Tenders as the chicken itself will have a really crispy and crunchy exterior while the inside meat is juicy and tender with a bit of a savory feel.

But once you pair it up with the KFC Sauce, it will help add that sweet and tangy sensation that you love and will make the chicken irresistibly good.

And asides from the Crispy Tenders, I noticed that the KFC Sauce actually paired really well with many other things too. For instance, KFC’s new Secret Recipe Fries were a perfect match as the seasoning they used was literally the same as the ones for their chicken. So eating the fries with the KFC Sauce kind of made it feel like you were eating a chicken flavored fry but with a good creamy, sweet sensation.

It also works surprisingly well with their Chicken Sandwich too.

After all, KFC’s Chicken Sandwich is already pretty good, but I noticed that they don’t actually put a lot of sauce inside of it. It’s usually just Mayonnaise or Spicy Mayonnaise inside of the sandwich. But if you also added KFC Sauce to it, it will add more depths and flavor to the sandwich itself. A bit of smokiness here and a bit of tang there, it’s the perfect match.

Whatever the case may be, KFC Sauce is one of the best sauces that KFC has released and it pairs really well with almost anything that they serve. But definitely try it with the Chicken as it’s a match made in heaven.


With that being said, KFC Sauce is probably one of the better sauces that you can get at any fast food restaurant. It’s definitely the best sauce that KFC has in general by far as it just gives of so much flavor and works well with any and all foods.

So if you’re ever wondering exactly what is KFC Sauce and how does it taste?

Well now you know as we have gone through in-depths on everything there is to know about the KFC Sauce. And if you ever decide to visit KFC again and want to get some sauce, then the KFC Sauce should definitely be at the top of your list.

So what are you waiting for? Go get that KFC Sauce and enjoy your meal.