What Is The Kerwin Frost Box At McDonald’s? What to Know


Holding McDonald's Kerwin Frost Box in Hand

McDonald’s has recently released a brand new item called the Kerwin Frost Box for everyone to buy. And after seeing this item, I was actually very surprised!

According to the brand, this is actually considered an “Adult Happy Meal”, which is shocking to see as they haven’t done one of these in quite a while.

But not only that, what intrigued me even more was the person being advertised in front of the box.

Kerwin Frost?

Who is Kerwin Frost? I have never heard of this name but at first glance considering the pictures and drawings, I thought he was the reincarnation of Willy Wonka or something. But apparently, he is the whole reason why McDonald’s is bringing back the McNugget Buddy Group so I guess that’s pretty cool to see.

That still leads me to having many questions in my mind.

So let’s do a deep dive into this whole thing and figure out “What is the Kerwin Frost Box at McDonald’s, Who is Kerwin Frost”, as well as everything else you need to know about this new box.

Let’s get started!

What Is The Kerwin Frost Box At McDonalds?

Opening McDonald's Kerwin Frost Box

According to McDonald’s, the new Kerwin Frost Box is the newest addition of Happy Meals that customers are able to buy. But it’s not just any Happy Meal, in fact it is actually an Adult Happy Meal.

The Kerwin Frost Box was a special collaboration effort between both McDonald’s and Kerwin Frost in where they are bringing back the popular McNugget Buddies from the past so that Adults who were around during their presence are able to relive the special moment.

Inside the Kerwin Frost Box, customers are able to choose between a special 10-Piece McNugget Meal or a Big Mac Meal. This will also come with some fries and a drink. But what’s special about this meal is that it also comes with a McNugget Buddy Collectible Figure.

McDonald's Kerwin Frost Box Opened and Laid Out

Inside the McNugget Buddy Collectible Figure Box, customers will be able to get one of six different McNugget Buddy collectibles. And if you’re lucky, there is even a special “Golden Nugget” figure as well which makes the grand total of seven different figures to get.

Seeing as how that is, this is definitely going to be one of the hottest Adult Happy Meals that the brand ever released.

Who Is Kerwin Frost?

Kerwin Frost on Kerwin Frost Box McDonalds

For those who are just finding out about this new Adult Happy Meal called the Kerwin Frost Box, you might be wondering…Who is Kerwin Frost?

After all, if you just look at the pictures of him that McDonald has printed, it actually makes you think he is a Willy Wonka character or something.

But in actuality, Kerwin Frost is an American Entertainer, D.J., Talk Show host and also a Comedian. So apparently he is pretty famous. Additionally, he has a huge love and passion for McDonald’s, especially the McNugget Buddies from the past which he has been wanting the brand to bring back for years and years.

And here towards the end of 2023, McDonald’s actually has listened and has partnered up with Kerwin Frost to debut the new Kerwin Frost Box so that everyone can get their hands on the popular McNugget Buddies.

Where Can You Find The Kerwin Frost Box?

McDonald's Kerwin Frost Box In Hand Showing McNugget Buddies

Now as for where you can find the popular Kerwin Frost Box, you should know that it is a McDonald’s exclusive. Meaning you’ll have to head down to your local McDonalds in order to get one.

Officially released back in December 11, 2023, it is being made available for a limited time only.

What this usually means is that McDonald’s will be selling the Kerwin Frost Box for a limited time, usually around 2 to 3 months in length or depending on how supplies last.

Because of which, sometimes even though it’s still in the selling phase, your local McDonald’s might not have any more in stock. So if you are curious and want to get your hands on one, definitely head to your local McDonald’s and ask if they have the Kerwin Frost Box still.

If not, you could always go on the black market *Cough* Ebay* Cough*, and buy one from somebody else. Although this is a bit more riskier as you never know if the seller can scam you or not.

So best thing to do is to just head to your McDonald’s and see if its still in stock.

Who And What Are The McNugget Buddy Collectibles In The Kerwin Frost Box?

McDonald's Kerwin Frost Box McNugget Buddies Box

For those who don’t know, the McNugget Buddies are a popular classic that were first introduced many decades ago from McDonalds. In fact, they first came to life around 1988, and haven’t been seen from again for 25 years. Until December 11, 2023 where they made a comeback in the Kerwin Frost Box.

The new McNugget Buddies are actually inspired by Kerwin Frost’s childhood home in Harlem and are fitted with different outfits and backstories. In fact, there is even a McNugget Buddy that is a DJ, that is named Kerwin Frost who also has a matching face tattoo like him.

As for the other McNugget Buddies, they include Don Bernice, Uptown Moe, Waffutu, BRRRICK and Darla.

So all in all, there are a total of six different McNugget Collectibles that you can get.

McDonald's Kerwin Frost Box McNugget Buddies Box Toy

But surprisingly, there is also a secret McNugget Buddy where it is basically a Golden Nugget.

It’s super rare to get and you’ll have to be super lucky to get one. It’s basically a nugget figure that is painted in gold. This Golden Nugget is actually highly wanted as many people have even started selling this figure on various market places for huge prices.

But at the end of the day, the McNugget Buddies in the Kerwin Frost Box are basically characters inspired by Kerwin Frost’s past and gives adults all around the chance to relive their childhood of playing with the popular McNugget Buddies.


With that being said, the Kerwin Frost Box is a special Adult Happy Meal that McDonald’s has recently released. And in my opinion, it’s actually a very good meal all together. After all, you get your pick of either a 10-Piece Nugget Meal or a Big Mac and you can also get a special McNugget Buddy toy to collect.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will now understand “What is the Kerwin Frost Box at McDonald’s” as well as anything else related to this item.

So what are you waiting for? Go out to McDonald’s and get your Kerwin Frost Box before it’s gone!