What Sauces Does KFC Have? How Does It Taste?


KFC Sauce Grouped Up

If you ever been to KFC, you’ll know that they serve some of the best chicken in fast food. Especially there nuggets and tenders which are great. And when you pair them up with a sauce, it just takes it to a whole new dimension. But having so many sauces to choose from, it can be a bit complicated. After all, what sauces does KFC have?

I mean, they do have some of the common sauces like barbecue and ranch, but they also have some of the more unique sauces too.

All of which can change the flavors immensely depending on which one you want to use.

And if you’re ever wondering what kind of sauces KFC has to offer as well as how they taste, then you’re in the right place. Here in this article, we will be detailing everything you need to know about KFC Sauces and more for you to understand.

So if you’re ready, lets get started!

What Sauces Does KFC Have?

KFC Sauce Close Up

As you know, KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is one of the largest fast food chains in the country if not world. With places spanning in multiple continents, they must be able to cater to a wide range of people who want their food.

Because of this, KFC will definitely carry a good variety of sauces.

This way, no matter who you are or what tastes you might have, you will always be able to find some kind of sauce for you to use.

And just in case you’re wondering, here are all the sauces that KFC carries:

  • KFC Sauce
  • Classic Ranch
  • Buffalo Ranch
  • Honey BBQ
  • Honey Mustard
  • Honey Sauce
  • Hot Sauce
  • Ketchup

Looking at the list, you can see that KFC carries 8 different types of sauces for people to try.

Most of which involves honey, because as you know chicken and honey is a perfect combination.

But they also have other varieties too like which can change the flavor quite a bit. Whether you like a sweet sensation, a spicy feel, or even a creamy taste, KFC definitely has a sauce for you.

What Does KFC Sauces Taste Like?

Now being as how KFC has a variety of different sauces, you can definitely expect each one of the sauces to taste extremely different from one another.

Some of which are perfect for certain foods while other sauces are perfect for another option. And if you’re going to be visiting KFC anytime soon and are wondering what sauce to choose, then hopefully we can help you out.

Here at Food Senpai, we will buy every single sauce that KFC offers, try them and review them so you can know what they are, as well as tell you what items they will pair best with.

KFC Sauce

KFC Sauce Picture

KFC Sauce is actually one of the newer sauces at KFC and is there signature sauce as well. Being as how it’s the signature, you can expect the sauce to pack a bunch of flavor with whatever you decide to pair it with. And it’s actually one of the most popular sauces that KFC serves as many customers from all around love to use this sauce with their foods.

Immediately when you open the KFC Sauce container, you’ll notice that the sauce itself is a orange type of color with bits of spices and seasonings inside. It’s a thick and creamy sauce that sticks to anything that you pair it with.

But the best part about it is when you actually try to taste it.

In fact, the sauce itself is quite complex as it has quite a bit of a flavor profile behind it. The first thing you notice is the creamy texture that cradles your tongue. Then immediately you get a hit of sweetness coming from it with a bit of a tang as well. Not only that, there’s also some savory notes as well which gives it a very interesting feel.

Honestly, in my opinion I think the KFC Sauce works best with any and all items that KFC serves. After all, it’s there signature sauce, so it should make sense that it pairs so well. My personal favorite is to use the KFC Sauce with the Secret Recipe Fries or even the Nuggets as both compliments it very nicely and helps elevate the item in a way you don’t expect.

Classic Ranch

KFC Classic Ranch Sauce

Lets be honest, we all know what ranch is as well have all tasted it. It’s a timeless sauce that goes well with majority of food items out there.

And KFC’s Classic Ranch Ranch takes the same flavor you know and love and transforms it into a delicious partner that works with all of their items. It’s a thick sauce that is creamy and covered with a strong herbaceous flavor that is somewhat cooling and refreshing.

Plus, when you actually taste it, you’ll notice a strong buttermilk type of flavor that has hints of garlic roaming around. Not only that, but because of all the herbs used in it, you could actually taste what’s inside like some dill and parsley. But what I love most about this is how creamy the sauce is, yet even though its so flavorful, it doesn’t take away from the item your pairing it up with.

Honestly, I would say this sauce works great with every single KFC item that they have on the menu. Doesn’t matter if its Fried Chicken, Fries, Nuggets and more, just drizzling the KFC’s Classic Ranch on top of those items will give them so much flavor.

Because as how good this sauce is, it’s no wonder its one of the most popular sauces that KFC has to offer.

This is one sauce I definitely recommend.

Buffalo Ranch

KFC Buffalo Ranch Sauce

One of KFC’s newest sauces that they have released is the new Buffalo Ranch Sauce.

And honestly, I have to say that this sauce is actually extremely delicious. Taking the best from both worlds where you get a side of ranch as well as a side of buffalo together mixes for some amazing flavors.

The sauce itself is like an orange colored sauce that is a bit thick but so extremely creamy.

When you actually taste the sauce you’ll notice that immediately you’ll get hit with that delicious ranch flavor where its a bit cooling and somewhat herby too. Has a slight buttermilk flavor which is pretty tasty as well. But then after a few seconds you’ll notice the buffalo that hits you slightly with a bit of spice.

The buffalo part isn’t actually too spicy, but enough where you’re like “WOW”, that made my mouth tickle and as it slowly goes down your body, you get a bit of a spicy yet cooling sensation that is delightful. I personally think this is one of KFC’s best sauces that they have made to date.

And in my opinion, I think this sauce works best with most of their foods like Fries, Biscuits and more. But it works especially well with any type of chicken product. Whether its the Fried Chicken, Tenders, Nuggets and more, this will do an amazing job in complementing the flavors together.

A bit spicy, a bit creamy, and all the delicious flavors from the chicken.

Honey BBQ

KFC Honey BBQ Sauce

For those who never tried it, KFC’s Honey BBQ Sauce is probably one of the best sauces that they offer.

The sauce itself is a thick sauce that is extremely dark in color, but one that brings out all of the flavors. It’s extremely bold yet smoky but has a beautiful sweetness to it that brings everything together.

For instance, when you first try it out, you’ll notice the distinct sweetness from the honey. Not overly strong but gentle and fun that is then followed up by the boldness of the BBQ. It’s smoky enough where it reminds you of the southern classics as if you were eating this straight from a grill.

Plus, if you swish it around your mouth for awhile, you’ll also notice a small feint tomato flavor which is quite nice. It’s a masterfully crafted sauce that combines a variety of flavors together that acts like a symphony in your mouth.

Personally for me, I think this sauce works best with any meat items as it’ll give you that delicious BBQ experience that you have been looking for. So things like Fried Chicken, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Nuggets or even inside of a Chicken Sandwich will work great with this.

After all, who doesn’t want to take a bite out of a delicious fried chicken with some smoky and sweet flavors? I’m telling you, once you try this sauce, you will come back for more and more.

Honey Mustard

KFC Honey Mustard Sauce

Honey Mustard is one of the most popular sauces around, and KFC’s Honey Mustard is just as good as it entwines together both sweet and tangy for a flavorful feel.

Immediately after trying out the Honey Mustard, you will notice that its very soothing and smooth.

You’ll get the sweetness from the honey that combines nicely together with the mustard that gives a slight kick with a zesty feel. It’s nothing overly strong where your mouth will be confused by, but actually very gentle where it makes you want more and more.

You’ll also notice that the mustard part of the sauce has a slight tang that is offset by the sweetness of the honey which gives a very well rounded flavorful bite. And although in my opinion I would say this sauce leans more towards the spice side than the honey, it’s done very well where you won’t even notice it.

Plus, the sauce itself is a thick sauce that coats whatever item you are using it with a nice creamy texture that is perfect for any meal. Because of this, I would personally suggest to pair KFC’s Honey Mustard sauce with any type of chicken item. So whether it be chicken nuggets or chicken tenders, both will work really well together.

But even with that being said, the Honey Mustard sauce is very versatile so you can pretty much use it with any item that you want and it will taste fantastic.

Honey Sauce

KFC Honey Sauce

If you ever been to the south, then you’ll know that people here love to pour honey on their chicken. And KFC is very familiar with this concept as they know that pairing honey with chicken is one of the best flavor combinations you can ever do.

KFC’s Honey Sauce is everything you can ever expect from a honey type of sauce.

The sauce itself is actually quite thick and oozes just like honey. It has a very smooth and velvety texture that when poured on any item will slowly glisten it around and give it that shine that you want.

Plus, when you actually try KFC’s Honey Sauce, you’ll notice that it isn’t like your typical honey that you’re use to. It’s a lot more flavorful with a good amount of sweetness that feels like it just came from a honeycomb. But it also has a slight tang to it too which is quite nice. And if you look extra carefully, you’ll even notice that it has a slight acidic nature which blends very nicely together.

One bite of this sauce will definitely have you craving for more and more.

Personally for me, I would love to pour this Honey Sauce on top of some fried chicken or even tenders and fries. Mostly because, you’ll be able to get a nice sweet and savory mix that is delicious. But also, you can pour it on their biscuits which gives it a more sweeter feel that also adds a nice moisture with each bite.

Regardless of which, KFC’s Honey Sauce is a great sauce to use.

Hot Sauce

KFC Hot Sauce

KFC’s Hot Sauce is actually a very interesting sauce as it basically has that Buffalo feel but with more spice and more flavor coming through. In fact, a lot of people actually get the Hot Sauce when ordering from KFC because they like to pair it up with their fried chicken.

When you first try the KFC Hot Sauce, you’ll notice a strong heat that hits your tongue immediately. However, after a second or two, the next wave of flavor comes in and you can feel the spices they used which actually gives it a bit of sweetness as well as a umami type of flavor that envelops your body. In fact, after a minute or so, you’ll notice yourself getting warmer from the heat radiating through.

The sauce itself is deep red in color which is actually quite nice to see as it makes any food you pair it with become instantly vibrant. It’s not a thick sauce as it’s quite thin and will run pretty fast, but it works really well with most of KFC’s items.

If you’re a fan of spicy sensations or a strong type of heat level, then the KFC Hot Sauce is definitely the way to go. And if you’re wanting something to pair it up with, I would definitely suggest the fried chicken. This will instantly make it a Spicy Fried Chicken and if it is already spicy, then it can be even more spicy.

After all, who doesn’t like a spicy fried chicken?


KFC Ketchup

What can I say? KFC Ketchup is basically your typical ketchup that you have tried at most restaurants or stores. In fact, the ketchup that KFC uses is in fact Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Because of this, I am sure almost every one of you know exactly just how this thing tastes.

And if you don’t, well the ketchup is basically a tomato based sauce but with a light and subtle tomato flavor. In fact, the sauce itself is actually more sweet and also slightly vinegary which actually tastes quite nice. At first, you might be surprised that it doesn’t have a strong tomato taste, but it actually doesn’t need it.

Just that slight hint of tomato roaming in the background is enough to satisfy your tastebuds.

Now as for what item pairs best with it, I would say KFC French Fries work best with it. After all, you get a nice mix of sweet and savory sensations together that works really well. You could also try it with the nuggets or tenders, but honestly those would probably be best left for other sauces.

Does KFC Charge For Sauce?

If you are ever visiting KFC and are wanting to know if they charge for sauce or not, well the answer is “Yes, they do”. In fact, many fast food chains all around will charge for sauce, although there are a few of them that will offer it for free. But KFC is not one of those places.

KFC actually charges customers a pretty fair price for sauce.

In fact, in my area KFC actually charges customers 0.25 cents per sauce cup. Which is actually pretty cheap as I have seen other fast food companies charge anywhere from $0.50 all the way up to $1 dollar which is crazy. Although do keep in mind that the sauce prices will vary depending on location, but it should generally be under 0.30 cents.

And honestly, seeing as how the sauce cups are so low in price, it’s actually a pretty good deal as the size of the cup is actually pretty big. An example I would say is that, you can probably use 5 to 6 nuggets in just one sauce cup.

However, if you’re going to be buying any item from KFC that is usually accompanied by some sauce, then they will usually throw that in for free. For instance, if you were to buy fries, nuggets or tenders then they would usually give you like 2 to 3 sauce cups of your choice.

But if you’re wanting to by additional sauce or just want to buy the sauce by itself, then they will definitely charge you money.


KFC Sauce Grouped Up

So now that you have read the article, you should probably know everything there ever is about KFC Sauces. From what they taste like to what they pair with as well as how much they cost. So next time you decide to visit a KFC location, you should be able to know exactly what type of sauce you are wanting for your item.

I would definitely recommend the KFC Sauce though as that sauce is just simply magic.

But either way, almost all of KFC Sauces are really good so depending on what item you buy, all the sauces should be able to help you get more flavor and elevate it so much more in taste.