What Sauces Does Popeyes Have? How Do They Taste?


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Popeyes Sauce All Flavors

Popeyes is definitely one of the most beloved fast food chains around the country. After all, their iconic Chicken Sandwiches and fries are absolutely delicious and probably the best in the game. But did you know their sauces are also amazing too? With many different varieties, they each pair so well with any food item that you choose. So what sauces does Popeyes have?

Well, Popeyes carries a wide range of sauces and because of this, we know it might be confusing for you if you never tried any before. So here in this article, we will be telling you all you need to know about what sauces Popeyes carries and also how they taste like.

So with that in mind, lets get started!

What Sauces Does Popeyes Have?

Being a major fast food chain, you can expect Popeyes to carry a wide range of sauces for everyone to enjoy.

And here at Food Senpai, we have ordered every single sauce and tasted each one to give you in full detail, all the information you need to know.

In no particular order, here is the list of all the sauces that Popeyes has.

  • Bold BQ Sauce
  • Buttermilk Ranch Sauce
  • Blackened Ranch Sauce
  • Sweet Heat Sauce
  • Mardi Gras Mustard
  • Wild Honey Mustard
  • Bayou Buffalo Sauce
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Cocktail Sauce

What Does Popeyes Sauces Taste Like?

Now each sauce obviously being different, has their own taste and flavor.

But some are actually way better than others, and we’re going to tell you our opinions on what we think about each sauce.

Bold BQ Sauce

Popeyes BoldBQ Sauce

Bold BQ Sauce is Popeyes version of the popular Barbecue sauce that you may know and love. However with Popeyes, their Barbecue sauce actually tastes a bit different than usual.

The first thing you’ll realize is that the sauce itself is actually way more tangy and also has a strong smoky sensation which is actually quite nice. It also has a nice sweet and savory feel that pairs really nicely with many other items.

It’s a thick sauce that sticks on any item you pair it with and doesn’t really run off easily. But it packs a lot of flavor and is definitely one of the most popular sauces that they carry. It’s also one of Popeyes signature sauces so you can definitely expect it to be good.

As for pairing, this sauce is perfect for most of the menu like nuggets and fries or even adding it to your chicken sandwich to help give a nice smoky feel. Although I would probably stay away from the seafood as typically seafood and barbecue flavors don’t mix.

Buttermilk Ranch Sauce

Popeyes Buttermilk Ranch Sauce

If you love ranch, then you’ll love Popeyes version of ranch as it is also one of their most popular sauces that people like to use. It combines both the iconic flavors of ranch with a subtle buttermilk flavor that tastes absolutely amazing.

The sauce itself has that classic ranch taste that isn’t too strong or overpowering, but just right where it also feels milky and rich while also being creamy too. There is a slight tang to the sauce as well which is a nice feeling. As for the buttermilk, you’ll notice that the sauce itself is quite buttery in nature which is perfect for pairing with foods.

Honestly, I would say that this sauce is a best pairing for any item on the menu. It’s a classic sauce that you can’t go wrong with. Whether its nuggets or fries or even seafood too, it works together really well. But my favorite is to use it with the chicken nuggets as it tastes so good!

Blackened Ranch Sauce

Popeyes Blackened Ranch Sauce

Now unlike the Buttermilk Ranch Sauce, the Blackened Ranch version is actually way more different in flavor and taste.

Basically, the Blackened Ranch Sauce from Popeyes has more of a spice and seasoning to it. Like, you can actually feel a little bit of a kick. It’s also quite peppery too which is nice. It’s like your typical ranch sauce but with more peppers and spice.

And just like ranch, it also provides a nice creamy feel while also a cooling sensation as well. In my opinion, I think this tastes way better than the Buttermilk Ranch Sauce, but that just depends on if you want a more peppery spice feel compared to a buttery milky type sensation.

Just like any other ranch, this sauce pairs perfectly with any item you might like. It goes great with chicken sandwiches, fried shrimp, nuggets, fries and more. But I would definitely use it with the chicken nuggets especially as its such a great pairing.

Sweet Heat Sauce

Popeyes Sweet Heat Sauce

Sweet Heat Sauce from Popeyes is definitely interesting to try. Its a simple sauce that provides a lot of flavors, especially ones from the sweet and spicy side of things.

Basically, the sauce itself is like a sweet honey but added with some heat. I’m guessing from some peppers or spice, but it’s actually decently spicy where it tingles on your tongue and gives you that warming feel. But with that being said, it also has a great sweet side as well which pairs nicely with the heat.

It’s like a sweet chili sauce if you ever had that before, very similar and one that tastes great.

Popeyes Sweet Heat Sauce also pairs nicely with any item you want. Although in my opinion, I think it works best with the seafood like fried shrimp as it would give it so much more flavor. Nuggets work great too as does the chicken sandwich, but that seafood pairing is magical.

Mardi Gras Mustard

Popeyes Mardi Gras Mustard Sauce

Popeyes Mardi Gras Sauce is a very unusual yet tasty sauce that will definitely peak your interest. After all, this sauce was named after the holiday of Mardi Gras, so you know it is going to be delivering an experience in your mouth.

The sauce itself is very creamy, but yet you can feel the flavors of tangy and zesty mixed together. I feel like its somewhat of a mustard type of sauce but with additional seasonings and spices. Honestly, I think this sauce works great with any items that are super greasy as the texture of the sauce helps mellows out the grease.

So I would definitely say if you were to pair this sauce with any items, it would definitely be any item that has a ton of grease on it. Things like fried chickens, chicken nuggets, fries and similar items will be a perfect combination.

Wild Honey Mustard

Popeyes Wild Honey Mustard Sauce

I have to say, the Wild Honey Mustard Sauce from Popeyes is actually one of my favorites to have.

This is a sweet and sticky type of sauce that tastes like honey yet is gently flavored with some tangy sensations. It’s definitely interesting as I would say its more like a honey texture than a sauce. In fact, I would even say its more like a glaze.

This sauce would pair perfectly with any fried chicken items like the fried chicken legs, wings or even the fried chicken sandwich. Nuggets would be good too, but honestly, I think having some oil or grease from the chicken mixed with the sauce would do wonders.

Bayou Buffalo Sauce

Popeyes Bayou Buffalo Sauce

Popeyes Bayou Buffalo Sauce is their version of the classic Buffalo Sauce that you know and love. However, according to their site, it is described as a “cayenne pepper hot sauce blended with butter, celery, and Cajun seasonings.”

But when you actually try the sauce, it just tastes like your standard Buffalo Sauce where you get a good bit of spice as well as a tang from the vinegar as well. It’s a really wet sauce that falls off easily, but flavor is decent.

I would personally say skip this sauce as there are much better sauces to a pair with your food items. But if Popeyes ever brings back their chicken wings, then it might be a good pairing. But as for the nuggets, fries, sandwiches and more, I would say get something else.

Tartar Sauce

Popeyes Tartar Sauce

Popeyes Tartar Sauce is exactly like you expect it to be.

You probably have tried Tartar Sauces from many other locations and restaurants, and this is no different. The Tartar Sauce from Popeyes tastes exactly like the ones you tried at other places. It’s a creamy yet zesty sauce that has notes of citrusy yet tangy flavors that is quite nice. Plus, you can definitely taste the pickles or relish that they used inside it.

Now being Tartar Sauce, I highly recommend pairing it with any of their seafood items like fried shrimp or fish as it is a perfect combination. Especially the lemony citrusy notes will help elevate any seafood into the next level.

You can pair it with fried chicken as well but I think the seafood options are much better.

Creole Cocktail Sauce

Popeyes Creole Cocktail Sauce

What can I say, the Cocktail Sauce from Popeyes is your standard Cocktail Sauce that you would find at any seafood location.

The sauce itself is slightly tangy yet cooling while also having a bit of a spice too. Nothing overly spicy, but I was say on a spice scale, it was probably a 4 out of 10. The color is extremely vibrant and it has a lot of flavor as it combines both the bold flavors with some slightly sweet notes for that exceptional taste that your looking for.

Now being a Cocktail Sauce, you would think it only fits with the seafood items but in fact, it actually tastes pretty good with other items too. I usually get the cocktail sauce for my chicken nuggets, but if you were to get seafood, then you won’t be disappointed.

Does Popeyes Charge For Sauce?

Popeyes is interesting sometimes as usually they will charge for sauces, but sometimes they don’t. I think this depends on the location and how the owner decides to run the location.

Most of the times, Popeyes does charge for sauces and it usually will be somewhat cheap. Looking at my last receipt, they charge around $0.50 cents per additional sauce which is not bad, but can add up if you order a lot.

However, depending on the location, sometimes they don’t charge for sauces at all and in fact gives them away for free. I had this happen quite a few times where I was able to get a bunch of sauces without paying anything extra for them.

So it just depends on the location, but most often then not, you will have to pay for an additional sauce.


At the end of the day, Popeyes has a variety of sauces that all taste amazing.

They have sauces that’ll cater to your needs, whether you want sweet, spicy, tangy or smoky, there is always going to be something for you. So if you’re ever in the mood for some Popeyes and want some sauce to pair with it, you now know exactly what you should get.

Let us know what is your favorite sauce!