What To Wear For A Fast Food Job Interview?


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What To Wear For A Fast Food Job Interview

A fast-food job interview can be a tricky event to dress up for. On one hand, you might think that you’ll be best served by the most formal clothes you can track down. On the other hand, a fast-food restaurant isn’t really a formal place, so perhaps black-tie outfits might be overkill.

In this article, we’re going to run through some key points that will help you find the ideal outfit in your wardrobe to make sure that you’re dressing perfectly, and give you the best chance of getting the job!

What Does Dressing professionally Mean

Dressing professionally is an important part of any interview, but most especially for a fast-food interview. Your clothes should all be in good shape. By this, we mean that there shouldn’t be any rips or tears, a missing button, or an obvious stain.

It’s one thing to not have totally formal clothing for a fast-food job interview, but it’s quite another to wear clothes that are in very poor shape. One of them shows that you don’t have the tools for the job, but it’s not your fault. One shows that you’re not making an effort to look presentable or to be functional.

At the end of the day, a fast-food job is all about utility – your clothes should be functional, not flashy.

A great option could be to aim for business casual – khakis, trousers, or dark jeans with a collared shirt, or a neat, clean sweater. It’s totally fine to wear a skirt or a dress – just be sure that it’s something fairly simple, which you can move around in well.

What Accessories Do You Wear

Any accessories that you have on your body are quite likely to be judged by the person that you’re speaking with. This is unfortunate, really, since they are unlikely to make much of an impact on your ability to do the job.

Generally speaking, you should aim for jewelry that’s form-fitting, not dangly or loose. A pair of stud earrings, for instance, would be fine, but large hoops would not be. For shoes, belts, etc, you’ll be best served by selecting fairly neutral, straightforward colors and choices – black and brown will suit you well.

It’s a good idea to wear a watch to an interview. Even if it’s not an extremely flashy, fancy watch, it can be something that shows you’re dedicated to being punctual and making sure that you don’t lose track of time while you work.

Dressing appropriately for The Interview

Dressing appropriately is important for any interview – aiming for something that would be okay to work in, should the manager spontaneously ask you to jump behind the counter and start taking orders.

Of course, this is extremely unlikely to happen, but it’s important to consider as it will help you to convey a message. The idea is that by dressing in such a way that you’re ready to work, you understand the task ahead of you: you know what will be expected of you, and you’re ready to perform in the role that you’re interviewing for.

Ensure your shoes are ideal

Making sure you’ve got ideal footwear is a great idea for interviewing anywhere, but especially when you’re interviewing at a fast-food restaurant. Selecting the right shoes is a great way to get the message across that you understand the environment you’re stepping into.

For instance – unstable high heels or open-toed sandals wouldn’t be appropriate. In a kitchen, there is a very high change of a spillage injuring you, as well as you causing some kind of accident if you were to fall over and reach out to steady yourself.

The best choices for shoes that you could make are the most practical ones, in this instance – something that covers the entire foot and gives you good support. For example, closed or ankle strap ballet flats, low profile boots, loafers or oxfords.

These types of shoes will provide great support to you, and will allow you to dart around the kitchen quickly while ensuring that you’re not likely to trip or stumble. They will also allow you to reach high cupboards easily without being unstable on your tiptoes.

Depending upon your role and where you’ll be for most of your shift, you may be allowed to wear very low-height heels to an interview. For instance, if you’re applying for a job at checkout with no kitchen work, then a short heel might be acceptable.

However, we wouldn’t recommend wearing that on shift – you’ll be standing for around eight hours straight, which would likely be very painful in heels.

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Is Jewelry Acceptable To Wear To An Interview

Generally speaking, it’s best to shy away from too much jewelry. The atmosphere of a fast-food restaurant is one of focusing on work and being sure to get as much done as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we would always recommend wearing low-profile jewelry wherever you can – something that won’t get caught in a busy environment is a very good idea.

In terms of style, we would suggest going for items that are metal-forward. A ring, necklace, or brooch, for instance, would be acceptable if it’s quite simple and silver, gold, or rose gold. If the item of jewelry were something that prominently features a gemstone at the center of the design, then it would likely be a little less appropriate for an interview in a very busy atmosphere.

Less really is more in this situation – aiming for a quiet, low-key approach to things is a great way to get across that you’re there for a simple purpose: to get work done, and to get this job interview done well.


We hope that this article has helped you to find the best option for you to wear in any upcoming interview that you might have in fast food! If in doubt, always aim for the same main concept – simple and utilitarian! Good luck with your interview, friend, though we’re sure you won’t need it!