Whataburger’s Boneless Whatawing Review: How Do They Taste?

Mayank Kansal


It seems another contender has entered the battle ground to claim who has the best chicken wings amongst fast food restaurants. Whataburger, like many other fast food chains, is known for bringing in seasonal items year around and this January they have brought in WHATAWINGS!

Now the timing of these wings seems suspiciously close to Popeyes chicken wing release, but at the end of the day it’s the taste that matters and Whataburger fans know all about that. A key feature to remember is that Whataburger’s WhataWings are 9-piece boneless chicken wings!

Whataburger’s new WhataWings are available only for a limited time and in participating locations. You can order them tossed in one of their four sauces: 1) Honey Butter, 2) Buffalo, 3) Honey BBQ, 4) Sweet & Spicy Sauce.

While all the options looked enticing, I decided to ask the Whataburger associate which one she would recommend for me to try. We ultimately got the Honey BBQ with a buffalo sauce and ranch sauce on the side.

So how can you get your hands on these delicious Whataburger’s boneless WhataWings?

buying whataburger’s boneless whatawings


You can order the boneless WhataWings online through the Whataburger app or other fast food delivery options. You are always able to go and place your order in-store as well.

In fact, Whataburger’s site does a great job in helping you locate the nearest Whataburger store to you. Apparently I have a Whataburger just 3 minutes from my house so I decided to visit in person. 

The person that took my order was very polite and patient, and even assisted me in recommending which flavor I should try. I ultimately got the 9 piece Honey BBQ WhataWings which were $8.99 and they also charged me $0.40 for the ranch sauce.

There was no charge for the Buffalo sauce apparently so with tax my order came out to $10.16. I only wanted to try the 9-piece boneless wings as opposed to a meal since fries and beverages are the same as before.

If you do a Whatameal, you can expect to pay $13 to $14 depending on the size of fries and beverage you order. 

My order of Whataburger’s WhataWings was ready relatively fast as I was only in the store for about 10 minutes. Considering these are boneless wings hopefully the size would reflect the amount being paid, as it seems paying a dollar per wing is becoming the new norm. 

Now that we have our order, let us see how appetizing they look visually!

how did whataburger’s boneless whatawings look like


Thankfully since the Whataburger was so close, my order was still hot as there was still steam inside the container. At a quick glance the boneless wings looked really subpar with one wing being drenched in the Honey BBQ sauce that was meant for the whole container.

Regardless, there was still some light coating of the Honey BBQ sauce on the other 8 wings.

The boneless wings also lacked any kind of consistency as they looked like they were pulled from a variety pack with multiple sizes. One of the wings looked so small, I honestly thought it broke off from a bigger piece but unfortunately that was not the case.

At the same time there were also 2 or 3 wings that looked pretty massive for boneless wings, so I feel that definitely helps to visually balance out the entire 9-piece order. 

The wings were fried to perfection with a very thin layer of batter and no burnt edges that were visible on any of the wings.

Now the ultimate question left to answer in spite of having mixed results with the sauce distribution and varying boneless wing sizes was how did the Whataburger boneless WhataWings actually taste.

how did whataburger’s boneless wings taste like


The very first bite I took quite literally left me speechless. The batter just as we had visually inspected was super thin, but it had enough texture for you to feel that you were just biting into the outer layer and were about to be rewarded with some good chicken.

The chicken was super moist, super juicy, incredibly tender, and just so flavorful! The chicken was packed as tight as someone packing a to-go container from their favorite buffet. 


The Honey BBQ sauce on Whataburger’s boneless WhataWings was honestly such a good choice. Neither the sweetness from the honey or from the BBQ sauce was overbearing as it did not cover up either taste. The BBQ sauce also has a slight tangy sensation which hits the taste buds just perfectly.

I also wanted to make sure and try out how the boneless wings would taste with the buffalo sauce and ranch dipping sauce. The heat from the buffalo sauce felt a little lacking but it still tasted quite good.

The aroma from each of those sauces already had my sense of smell dancing and my mouth eagerly awaiting the next bite. I finally tried dipping one wing in the ranch dipping sauce and it was an absolute delight.


And just like that, all good things must come to an end. I was finally left with 2 pieces of the boneless wings and they were unfortunately the two tiniest pieces I had ever seen. For comparison purposes I can safely say those last 2 wings were one-fifth or one-sixth of the largest wing.

To my surprise, they were also packed with a decent amount of chicken whereas I was expecting them to have a fraction of the meat. 

While the flavor was spot on, there was still a small feeling of something more that was left to be desired.

how can whataburger’s boneless whatawings be improved


The biggest area I feel Whataburger can improve on this promotion is to reduce the overall cost from $8.99 to $5.99 and similarly reduce the Whatameal cost so it doesn’t exceed $8.00. While it is unfortunately becoming the norm to charge one dollar per wing, it should never be a standard practice to sell “wings” that look no larger than the US quarter. 

overall thoughts

Whataburger has always been a fan favorite of many, and it is nice to see them yet again release a new product as they step into the battle of the chicken wings with Whataburger’s boneless WhataWings. The chicken was just phenomenal as every bite was juicy and delicious and their sauces are always on point. Next time I will likely try the Sweet & Spicy sauce.


If you are a lover of boneless chicken wings or a fan of Whataburger, then this deal is an absolute must for you! While the price will be a deterrent for many, hopefully you all have a chance to try out one or all four flavors!